Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

"To be or not to be" Thursday (Gloria van der Bilt)

Gloria Renee Roxanna van der Bilt was born 1st of November 1987 in Angel City, Amercania. Daughter and heiress of property and publishing magnate John van der Bilt and Lady Karen Kent. Gloria was raised for the most part on the various van der Bilt estates in Americania. She became a full fledged citizen of the republic at age 18 and voted in her first election at age 18.
Gloria’s grandparents on her mother’s side, HIH Prince Charles, Duke of Kent and HIH Princess Roxanna, Duchess of Kent was murdered in the 1996 Royal massacre that formed part of the “Bloody Revolution”. Gloria's mother being a naturalized citizen of Americania survived the massacre.
The Bloody Revolution gave Gloria a unique perspective on the evils that lead to discontent and also the faults of democracy on the converse side. She vowed to use her wealth to help the poor but also where she could to alleviate the plight of Royals affected by the horror of the revolution. Upon her father’s death in 2008 due to a hunting accident, Gloria acceded to her father’s multi-billionaire fortune. She immediately excelled in business as she was groomed by her father to do so. The van der Bilt media and transport business has since then, expanded into fashion design, one of Gloria’s great passions and also music production and distribution.

At a dinner in 2009 with the Count von Bismarck.

In 2009 Gloria started dating Count Nikolas von Bismarck and fell in love. They were planning to get engaged when Gloria faced the first great obstacle of her Royal heritage. This challenge was also caused by the Bloody Revolution and Gloria had to face unasked for consequences. Due to the large scale murder of many Royals during the revolution Gloria, a commoner with no title and an Americanian citizen, found herself as the great granddaughter through her mother’s mother, as the unrecognized yet legal claimant to the title, Crown Princess of Normandia! This in itself was a shock but not the problem. The problem was that if Normandia showed interest in their monarchy being restored, that she could then not marry the Count von Bismarck. Gloria could become a Sovereign Queen and in turn the Count von Bismarck, was the claimant to the Kingdom of Syldavia. A marriage between them would combine two countries into an empire which was the same principle that sparked the Bloody Revolution in the case of the Empire of Scot-Britania. They chose to separate through much heartache. This only strengthened Gloria’s resolve to do what she could to heal wounds caused by the revolution. She set out to endear herself to her country of origin, Normandia and began by funding charities concerned with child welfare. Soon she founded a school of fashion in the capital city of Calaix. She visited the country by invitation of its president in Nov 2010 to receive the Order of the Lake for her charity work. Gloria was shown the Crown of Normandy and was informed that a referendum was to be held to gauge public interest in a restoration of the monarchy.

Gloria on her first official visit to Normandia in 2010.

The referendum showed an overwhelming majority. 79% of the Normandian population were in favour and only 4% against, the rest being indifferent. A date was set to naturalize Gloria as a citizen and to have a state investiture proclaiming her queen. Sadly her mother, Lady Karen van der Bilt who officially abdicated the line of succession to her daughter, died of a heart attack 3months before Gloria’s Investiture on 1st of May 2011. Gloria was invested with the Crown of Normandia at a lavish state function attended by Royalty from many countries and at the same function announced her engagement to Normandian Nobleman Count Reggius Szangusco.

A State Portrait of Queen Gloria, taken in late 2011.

Gloria is now, Her Majesty Queen Gloria I of the Kingdom of Normandia. The date for their wedding is speculated for somewhere in mid 2012.
Long Live Queen Gloria!

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