Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Wonderful Weekends (State Portrait of the Duchess of Swann 1995)

Posting State Portraits on a Sunday has become a tradition on this blog but it has been happening less and less of late. State Portraits are not taken often but also due to the 96 Revolution we are bereft of years of none being taken and many that were taken before the revolution were destroyed amongst many other Royal symbols. So we attempt to post them as often as possible and today is a very special post indeed. 

His Royal Highness the Duke of Swann has decided to release a portrait taken of his mother, the late Duchess of Swann, into the public sphere. This portrait was taken late in 1995 originally to celebrate the Duchess' then 35th birthday but due to the 96 Revolution was never released to the public. The portrait became a very emotional and private reminder to the current Duke of Swann of the mother he lost. 

The Duke of Swann is now releasing the portrait in commemoration of the life of his mother and to display a strong sense of forgiveness towards the atrocities of the revolution. In a sense it is now clear that it is water under the bridge. We hope that this portrait serves to do the Duchess' memory honour but also that it serves to inspire everybody who sees it, that forgiveness serves us better than nursing bitter grudges. 

Her Royal Highness, the late Princess Elizabeth, the Duchess of Swann 1960-1996. This portrait shows the Duchess posed in the throne room of the Duke's Court Palace wearing the official Coronet of the Duchess Consort of Swann. She stands in front of the throne of the Dukes of Swann. 

This close-up portrait shows the Duchess's beauty and also the historic jewels. As a Princess of Scotney by birth it was appropriate for her to wear the Order of the Diamond Star with it's red sash tipping her head to her country of origin. 


  1. She's so majestic and beautiful!
    How much is big the portrait including its frame?

    1. Please explain your question Sergio. Are you asking how much it is if it were for sale including the frame?

    2. My question was about dimensions, height, width and depth, but now that you mentioned it, I'm curious also about its price

    3. The photo is on computer but could be printed out at whatever cost you like of course. Then you can have it framed. I won't mind.