Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Wonderful Weekends (Duke of Swann Business Trip Arrival in South Africania)

The Duke of Swann owns a small jewellery manufacturing company in South Africa. After the amazing discovery of the Ruskian Crown Jewels last week he decided to employ his own business in the testing of the unknown sapphires found  among the treasure. If the sapphires can be identified gemonologically then the mine of origin could help in tracking down the owners if there indeed are legal claimants. For this purpose The Duke of Swann traveled to South Africania. The trip was made unofficially and incognito for security purposes, not just for his own safety but also for the sake of the valuable historic sapphires.

His Royal Highness stayed in a small Bed-and-Breakfast in the posh Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg and felt that his two day stay was of such quality that he wanted to share it here on his blog.

Whenever a high profile Royal gets to travel about unrecognized in a foreign country they like to act as "normal" as possible. For this reason the Duke of Swann takes the opportunity to drive himself.

This security camera photo shows His Royal Highness unceremoniously arriving at the Bed-and-Breakfast.

The Bed-and-Breakfast in Bryanston Johannesburg, is 20min drive away from the jewellery workshop and school that the Duke of Swann owns. The humble small business is managed by his childhood friend and artist Daniel Swanepoel who also teaches hobbyists jewellery manufacture. 

The beautiful and friendly Beatrix Coetsee is the proprietor and manager of 5 Lime Street Bed-and Breakfast. She is a close friend of Daniel Swanepoel and as such came highly recommended to the Duke of Swann. She has operated the bed-and-breakfast since 2011 and the Duke of Swann has decided to support her every time a trip to Johannesburg is required. 

For more info, visit the link http://www.5limestrbnb.co.za/.

It's Autumn in South Africa at present but that did not diminish the beautiful and spacious garden.

The warm autumn sun was a welcome companion in the cool afternoon.

Breatrix Coetsee's friendly and professional service, served to only make the afternoon and indeed the entire trip a total pleasure.

The bedrooms at the bed-and-breakfast are neat, simple and down to earth perfect for the quick no nonsense business trip.

When you sleep you are not conscious of your surroundings especially if the surroundings are as calm and inviting as these. However a luxurious spacious bathroom is best appreciated by the tired businessman. The bathrooms at 5 Lime Street are just what the doctor ordered.

The cherry on the cake of any visit, a cup of quality blended tea. This was on hand the second the Duke settled in after his arrival. 

Feel free to check out the 5 Lime Street  webpage. If you need accommodation in Johannesburg book on line. 


  1. This is really good!
    I love the Duke of Swann's simplicity and loyalty to his friends. Nice photos of the Duke and Bed & Breakfast's owner Beatrix!

  2. Loved this post! I like to stay in places like this surrounded by trees and a park and listening to the singing birds, it's so relaxing!

  3. Then just go stay at this bed-and-breakfast when next you visit Johannesburg, South Africa. :)