Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

What's Up Wednesday (Annual Knight's Meeting 2013)

Sorgenfrei Castle Armoury played host to the 2013 Annual Knight's Meeting last week but this year's meeting had a twist. 

In a break with the precedence set over the last 5 years, this year's meeting only gathered the heads of the various Knighthood Orders. Even the heads of the dormant orders were requested to be represented as a big decision was to be agreed upon and then to be officially announced. It is know agreed that from 2014 the individual Orders will be fully active and to host their own meetings at their own discretion as before the 96 Revolution. Over and above, the heads of the various orders will meet once a year to convene on interchivalric affairs. 

The Armoury at Sorgenfrei was the perfect venue for this "small", quick and intimate gathering. It also serves to promote the castle as a "venue for hire" for other prestigious events.

This photo shows the full contigent of Chivalric Orders represented. From left we have: Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna representing the Ruskian Order of the Polar Star, then Prince Louis D'Pont Du Lac representing the Franconian Order of the Holy Vigil, The Queen of Hispania represented the Order of the Triad, The Grand Duke of Hanoveria represented the Hanoverian Order of the Polar Star, Empress Crystobel and her son the Crown Prince Imperial represented the Order of the Diamond Star, The Princess of Wallachia represented the Order of the Ublient, Queen Gloria represented the Order of the Lake, King Nikolas III represented the Order of the Syldav Cross and finally The Duke of Swann represented the Swanobian Order of the Purple Swann for the first time in over 15 years. 

The Franconian Order of the Holy Vigil, which has been dormant for over 200 years, has had a debate raging over its reinstatement based on history not ever recording the colour of its sash. This meeting also settled that by agreeing on the colour being silver.

The recently rediscovered Imperial Ruby Parure was worn for the first time by Grand Duchess Xenia, Head of the Ruskian branch of the Order of the Polar Star that strictly speaking submits to the Hanoverian branch. She is however afforded an honourary membership as a Head of an Order at these meetings. It was amazing to see these rubies worn for the first time in almost a century. They truly do the glory of the old Ruskian Court justice. 

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  1. Hello from Spain, i have the last pink dress. Lovely. Nowadays is common rent the castle for events. Interesting meeting.