Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Monday, 17 June 2013

Tiaras and Trinkets on Tuesday (Sorgenfrei Armoury)

Today's Tiaras and Trinkets Tuesday takes a distinctly masculine turn by posting on armour and swords rather than jewellery. These are obviously as linked to Royalty as Crowns and Tiaras but shows the more manly and governmental side of the picture. The only difference is that historic jewels are still worn today where many of these articles have not been worn for centuries. 

Sorgenfrei Castle Museum already displays the Imperial Crown jewels and it also has a permanent exhibit dedicated to the history of the region of Muren. Now the Castle Museum will open its new Armoury as a permanent exhibit. 

The Armoury Room in Sorgenfrei Castle aims to be one of the main attractions to tourists and history scholars alike. The large venue will also be able to be rearranged for special functions that might require a more medieval feel. 

The center of the main wall is dedicated to the armour of King Charles the IX of Franconia who was the only invader to successfully subdue Muren in the Middle Ages but his occupation lasted no longer than 6 months. The armour is on special loan for the opening exhibit from the Franconian Museum of History. 

His Imperial Highness, The Crown Prince Imperial, Prince Christian-Victor stands amongst the many suits of armour on display. These did not all belong to famous historic figures but some just exemplify the style and craftsmanship of a particular era. Many of the Royal Dynasties are also represented by their heraldic insignia or crests depicted on actual shields on the walls of the Armoury. 

The entire display however does have a pre-eminent piece that serves as the focal point. The Imperial Sword of St Victor has the prime spot right in the center of the room. Originally the sword belonged to the legendary King Victor of Britania and was declared the official ceremonial sword of the Empire. As such it is officially part of the Crown Jewels of the United Empire of Scot-Britania.

The starkly elegant yet clearly sharp and dangerous Sword of St. Victor is an impressive sight but is also imbued with history and symbolises the unity between Scotney and Britania as it was a gift from the King of Scotney to that of Britania. It was then subsequently used in wars against Scotney but reverted back to Scotney after defeats and then eventually bestowed again as a sign of piece and eventually became the Imperial Coronation Sword.

It is announced also officially that this year's Annual Knights Gathering will take place at Sorgenfrei Castle late in June 2013. The Crown Prince Imperial also announced his delight and excitement at receiving the Duke of Swann and his Rolls Royce within the next few weeks. The car is planned to become a big attraction at the museum and will be on loan to couples getting married at the castle. 


  1. I have always found the figure of the knight in armor always very attractive! Great collection! Can't wait to see the Duke of Swann and his Rolls Royce :-)

  2. Very impressive! I love those Knights. Well done!