Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Monday, 24 June 2013

Memory Monday (Imperial Mausoleum)

After the chaos of the 1996 Revolution died down in the former United Empire of Scot-Britania, responsibility for the tragedy had to be taken by relevant authorities. Many were dead as a result of the violence and even more were just plain missing presumed dead and this has remained the official status of many. 

However the remains of the former Emperor Christian I were accounted for and eventually needed burial. International law dictates that all former Heads of State should and will be treated with respect in accordance with their status. Thus Emperor Christian received what was considered an honourable burial albeit that none of the former Imperial Family attended the funeral because of exile or death. This made for quite an ironic funeral and the event was almost entirely swept under the media carpet in 1997 when it eventually took place. No historic footage of the event can be found in any of the Britania archives today. The only evidence of this official funeral is the actual grave site, the Imperial Mausoleum.

The facade of the Imperial Mausoleum.

The tomb of the Emperor, known as the Imperial Mausoleum is situated in the Cosmopolitan Graveyard just outside the capital city of Britania and still attracts many loyal Royalist who bring flowers. It has become an unofficial place of pilgrimage for many who hope for a restoration of the monarchy. Officially Empress Crystobel, who is not allowed on Britania soil due to her exiled status, has never visited her husband's tomb. It has been announced in an unprecedented parliamentary session that the Democratric Government of Britania is not entirely adverse to such an event taking place if the democratic electorate wishes it to take place. 

The mausoleum was designed in the Neo-Classical style by the official government architect already before the revolution broke out and was then hastily completed after the Emperor's death. 

Statuettes of angels stand guard over the dead Emperor on each side of the vault doors. 

Two more angels also endure there permanent vigil just below the pediment proudly displaying the Imperial Motto: "A Treasure Lost is a Treasure found", written in Latin. 

Even though the political atmosphere has officially been one of animosity, it seems that the hearts of the new generation of  Britanians might require their government to also soften their attitude towards allowing a widow to visit her husband's final resting place. This obviously has the potential to let some skeletons out of the closet but it equally affords an opportunity to just open doors to a bright new future. We will see who has the compunction to take the necessary risks. 


  1. Your mausoleum is gorgeous! Did you make it?

    1. I have a friend who is very passionate about making dioramas. He found my blog on the net a few months ago and only stays an hours drive away from me. Since then he has insisted on contributing to my blog.