Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

What's Up Wednesday (Syldavia Declares Elected Monarchy)

The Syldavian region has had a history of contention and war. Its topography has made it possible for many different independent regions to form at various times, eventually congealing into proper autonomous "kingdoms". However, the Germanic people group remains a generic majority that prevails throughout the area and even spills over into other nations like the Switzer Confederacy that has never been an official part of the greater Syldavia. This particular issue is in essence what led to the Great War and the fall of the Germanic Empire that sought to unite the Germanic people into a single nation. One of the causes of the war was the subjecgation of minority states like Serbieski that is not intrinsically Germanic but who have always lived within what became the Germanic Empire.

Last year saw Syldavia restore its monarchy in the form of a hereditary Kingdom as was he case with its original monarchy. It was a coincidence that the headship fell on the head of one of the traditional Germanic Noble Families, the Von Bismarcks. However contention still reigns as far has Sebieski is concerned. The general feeling is still unsatisfied that Serbieski should just submit to "Germanic" rule in the form of the new Syldavia. Other minority groups are in agreement which causes a rift to form separating the burgeoning kingdom in two. A very important conclusion to the political debate has been reached this week after a national referendum.

It is announced from the offices of King Nikolas III and the Prime Minister of Syldavia that hence forth Syldavia will remain a Kingdom with King Nikolas III as "King for life". The monarchy will convert from its current hereditary succession to an elected succession with immediate effect. This means that consecutive  Monarchs will be elected from the congregation of Noble and Royal Dynasties within the traditional borders of what is now Syldavia. Therefore the Heads of the Houses of Serbieski, Bo'hemia, Von Thurn und Taxis, Von Bismarck and Reichethal will be eligible for election as "Monarch for life" upon the death of the former Monarch. Each House will follow its own house laws on succession. 

The elected monarchical system will allow a fair chance for all the traditional monarchies to feel included in the rulership of Syldavia. Officially the Congregation of Dynastic heads will be known as the Syldavian Electorate and will also serve as the Kings Ruling Council. It stands to reason that this system never allows for an actual Royal Family to exist as only the King and his wife will fall within that category. This means that King Nikola's younger sister and brother only had the title of Royal Prince for the past year and will revert back to their inherited Von Bismarck titles. The Von Bismarck Family is quoted to be "...very happy to do whatever it takes to serve the nation of Syldavia."

King Nikolas III of Syldavia and his wife Queen Maxima are the first reigning couple of the newly restored Syldavia. Now a year later it is unanimously agreed in parliament and by each member province that the monarchy will follow the elected monarchy system where each time a monarch dies, the new King will be elected from the assembled Heads of the provincial Noble and Royal Dynasties. 

We hope that this latest political moves brings a final peace and continues the prosperity the nation of Syldavia has experienced since it Royal Restoration. We also hope to see more of the sometimes elusive Dynasties from the historic regions within Syldavia.


  1. Hello from Spain, I wish long prosperity to the nation of Syldavia. Keep in touch

  2. When in Italy there was in 1946 a referendum to determine whether it should continue to have a monarchy or a republic, my paternal grandparents voted for the monarchy. This post made ​​me remember this anecdotal that my father always tells