Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Wonderful Weekends (Normandian State Portraits)

After giving birth to a healthy baby boy on the 18th of May 2012, Queen Gloria felt fit only a few days later to pose for required State Portraits to commemorate the birth. Having opted for a natural birth, the healthy Queen was up and running the day after the birth and felt it nothing to pose for the photos so soon after the big day.

Normandian and indeed most other monarchical tradition dictates that the Consort Queen or in this case the reigning Queen of Normandia must show herself to her people as soon as possible after giving birth. In days gone by this was to prove that she was well and actually gave birth in order to authenticate the succession to the people. The baby however was rarely shown at such an early stage to the common populous for security reasons. Today this tradition is perpetuated with published State Portraits. In Normandia the baby is not photographed until after the Christening as the baby and the mother return from the church service in a carriage for this purpose. 

The first offial photo taken of Queen Gloria in over a year and to commemorate the birth of the heir to the throne.

Radiant and affectionately holding the hand of her husband Queen Gloria and the Prince of Northwold pose for their official portrait as a couple. 

The Normandian public is burning to see photos of the new Prince but will have to wait as custom dictates for the carriage procession to and from the cathedral at the Christianing. It is speculated that this will take place within the next two months. 

This affectionate photo reminds us that Queen Gloria and her husband are just a natural couple and now parents.

The whole Royal Family of Normandia includes the Queen's cousin in the front at right. The newly wed Duchess of Roswind and her husband Prince Valmont D'Pont Du Lac have been given Normandian titles as a wedding gift from Queen Gloria. To the left we see the Queen's sister-in-law, Mercedes Szanguscko and brother-in-law, the Count Szanguscko. 

The Queen's cousin joined the shoot on the last league of her honeymoon as it was the first time they saw each other after the Duchess of Roswind's wedding over a week ago. The honeymooning couple stopped over in Normandia to see the new baby and to spend some time with the family. It was because of the birth that Queen Gloria could not attend the wedding.  The new title of Duke and Duchess of  Vaganava has been granted and as such makes the Duchess of Roswind and Prince Valmont part of the Normandian court and officially required to attended this photo shoot. They will also be present at the upcoming Royal Christianing. 

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