Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Monday, 24 June 2013

Tiaras and Trinkets on Tuesday (The Crown Jewels of Perlistan)

The ancient Empire of the Shahs of Perlistan commanded great wealth over its thousand year existence but the Empire finally fell along with so many other monarchies after the 96 Revolution. The Crown Jewels of the Shah and his wife Shahbanou Farah did survive albeit it only in part and was kept by the the new and militant Jihad Government of Perlistan. They saw it wise to keep something of their heritage for posterity it seems but perhaps also wanted the permanent show of force that the new government had conquered the old and as such owned and displayed its treasures as trophies. Not all the Crown Jewels were kept, most that were seen as frivolities of the old empire were dismantled and sold, some survived as they escaped with the surviving Imperial Family and some were looted and might forever be lost.

Today's post documents the two main features that survive in Perlistan today. The Crown and Imperial Tiara of the Shah and Shahbanou of Perlistan.

The Crown of the Shah dates back to the early 1700's and is set with sapphires and yellow quartz known as Citrine in the West. It also sports an Imperial Heron Feather that has always been seen as the emblem of the Shah's. 

The Imperial Tiara was made especially for the last Shahbanou to wear to her husband's coronation. It is set with high quality emeralds and yellow diamonds. A necklace and earrings were made to match but their whereabouts are currently unknown.  

These remaining parts of the regalia are kept in the Perlistani Bank and periodically displayed at the Perlistani Museum of History over National Feast times. No photos of the jewellery being worn are publicized in Perlistan and the current Imperial Family in pretense have not made much available to the public. My dream is always to see jewellery like these worn again in some future golden age of Royalty. 

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