Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Friday, 20 March 2015

Wonderful Weekends (State Portrait of the Crown Prince Imperial and the St Christian Crown)

In celebration of the return and restoration of the Crown of St.Christian, arguably the most valuable historic moment in Scot-Britanian history, a set of State Portraits was taken of the Crown Prince Imperial, d'jour King of Scotney and rightful wearer of the crown. These portraits may be seen as the first properly officiated State Portraits of the Crown Prince Imperial. All previous photos were done at is own expense and merely had sentimental and historic value rather than being sanctioned by the government. The historic value of the Crown of St.Christian coupled with the Prince's claim to it and the his rightful position as King of Scotney made this a truly historic moment.

His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince Imperial of  the United Empire of Scot-Britania, Crown Prince of Scotney, Duke of Stirling etc. etc. pictured with the Holy Crown of St.Christian.

This close-up archive photo shows the crown in detail under an extremely stark light that leaves nothing to speculation

Calls for a referendum has come up through the political ranks. The people of Scotney and Britania want to make their feelings known as regarding the possibility of a restoration of the monarchies in the two countries. 

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  1. I so freaking love that crown! Well, you know I love all your jewels!! You have such great patience.