Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Monday, 9 March 2015

Memory Mondays (Style Icons 5 Empress Crystobel)

We haven't had a "Style Icons" post in six months and we have never discussed this topic in depth as far as our late Empress Crystobel is concerned. We hope to pay homage in this post to that truly regal and illustrious lady and her most phenomenal style. 

This very intimate photo taken by the Duke of Swann of his aunt in 2012 captures her character and personality quite poignantly. The photo also almost gives a snapshot of her look and style, on the one hand, a straight forward simple woman, on the other hand a radiant Empress. 

Let us begin our anaylsis of Empress Crystobel's style with the last official portrait taken of her. It was never published due to her untimely death but we will post it here today for the first time.

This photo again shows the Empress in what may be seen as a signature look. Elegant, majestic yet friendly and beautiful. Not much needs to actually be said as it does seem to speak for itself.

Spectacular family and Crown jewels have been Crystobel's birthright and she has had access to the most amazing collections of both in her life. This has served to augment her natural yet never arrogant "to-the-manner-born" demeanor.

From a young age Crystobel has accepted and worn privilege well. Aside from her coronation, the public's other most memorable moment of the Empress'early life was her wedding as Queen of Scotney to the then Crown Prince of Britania. Protocol and tradition forced many symbols and national regalia upon her but she did not waver to add her own personal style touches to the requirements. The effect was more than memorable, and it has remained so through her life, nothing other than a tour de force.

More photos from the pre revolution reveal the Empress' classic yet also varied style. She could jump from crown, to tiara, to black tight fitting to jeans with equal success.

The only remaining photo of the event at Roswind Castle held on the night the missile strike on the Royal residence sparked the revolution show the Empress, radiant even under extreme stress. At this stage political tension was already boiling over the brim but she managed a tiara and a smile amidst it all.

The State Portrait of Empress Crystobel taken in 1995 was one of the last before the revolution. "Resolute" is the word that comes to mind.

Years went by and eventually the bitter revolution was relegated to a distant memory. A new era demanded a new Empress albeit in exile. She never shrunk back and this can be seen at the 2011 Christmas Ball where her chosen look was dramatically regal, emphasizing rank.

Posing for State or official portraits seemed to have been a forte of the Empress. Sleek with regal looking faux fur was wrought with equal success as any other.

Taking a back seat was not beneath the Empress when the situation asked for it. At events where her son was the focal point she would very easily dress "down" as in the photo above. One might not consider this "down" but given the context it was.

A collection of some of the Empress' looks belie one fact, her love of rubies.

Even in a more plainer look, Her Majesty still commanded respect. This was more due to her nature than the amount of diamonds or lofty titles.

The sleek and chic corporate look also suited Her Majesty well. Seen often in Americania, the Empress fit right in with executives and wealthy heiresses.

Even in mourning her Majesty's elegance was undeniable.

Bright and sunny in a spring cocktail dress does anybody well and Empress Crytobel shone often in polka dots or bright colours without seeming frivolous or banal.

Literally hours before her death, the Empress left her mark on our memories in humble yet undoubtedly Royal style sporting a hat as regally as any crown.

The quintessential State Portrait was the Empress' most effective arena and she always ruled there even if she had been without a throne for so long. The throne of our hearts however will never forget this truly Royal Lady who remained in dignity even when life sought to steal it from her.


  1. "The throne of our hearts however will never forget this truly Royal Lady who remained in dignity even when life sought to steal it from her."

    Yeah, I'm agree

  2. She is so missed by her kingdom. She always had impeccable taste!

  3. I love that pink and the black dresses.