Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Monday, 30 March 2015

Memory Mondays (Style Icons 6 The Crown Prince Imperial)

Today's Style Icons post features, for the first time, one of our male characters. There is a saying that; "one is to the manner born". In the case of His Imperial Highness, the Crown Prince Imperial, this saying may be more true than others. Christian-Victor was exactly that, born to the Emperor and Empress of the United Empire of Scot-Britania. However, history would see him entirely bereft of his birthright and raised in secret in the rural town of Muren as an adopted orphan. The Crown Prince Imperial was so young when the Bloody Revolution killed his father and forced his mother to leave him in the care of the Seeress of Muren that he had no memories of his Imperial heritage. This afforded him a down to earth upbringing among farmers and humble towns folk who knew him only as Chris. The state secret did come out, like all truth inevitably does and he acceded to his title and privileged heritage at the age of 21. All of a sudden, the strapping and handsome "farmhand", made sense of a regal bearing and innate nobility that could never hide itself even amid the hay bales and cowherds he was used to. The town of Muren and the world was introduced to the Crown Prince Imperial who since then has played his unique part on the world stage and has also become a force to be reckoned with in the field of fashion and style. Let us take a look at his overall public appearance and how it serves his image and particular role in the world.

The first impression we got of the Prince was perfectly scripted in 2009 to thrust him onto the world stage as the claimant to the most prestigious title. It was an obvious success and indelibly set His Imperial Highness' young and naive yet official image embellished with regalia into popular culture forever.
One of the most recent photos of His Imperial Highness sees him posing yet again in an official capacity next to the historically significant Crown of St. Christian. The crown being the focal point, the Prince, meekly confident, has no qualms in taking a back seat. He chooses to tone himself down with a plain black formal tuxedo and only the protocol required Chivalric Order of the Diamond Star. 

A slightly more casual look with open collar looks just as good on the Prince as he took the world on a photo tour of the restoration work done on Britania and Scotney's Royal heritage. 

Even completely casual in a t-shirt and chinos  still does not adversely affect the Prince's regal bearing. Seen here with his wife and cousin, the Duke of Swann, the Prince humbly and stylishly welcomes family in the gardens of Sorgenfrei Castle.

Even in jeans and a pink t-shirt no less, Prince Christian Victor is still the quintessential Europan man of the 21st century.

The red carpet however is the preferred battlefield of style for international A-listers and here the Prince just takes it in his stride. He affords, like most gentlemen should, his wife to take all the glamour attention but in doing so only exudes masculine confidence.

For formal events during the day, a morning suit and tie is an efficient and elegant success worn by His Imperial Highness. This look keeps him constantly as the real authority while his wife exudes the sparkles and smiles.

Cocktail dress formality is also handled with ease by the down-to-earth Royal.

Large and extremely formal events, that require regalia and suits have become a hallmark and show the Prince for who he is without detracting from his friendly personality. The Prince seems to adhere to dress code out of duty and puts no unasked for effort into making an impression. This unwittingly works in his favour as "effortless style" is considered by connoisseurs to be the only true style.

"To the manner born" became more and more evident as time went by. This man who had an unpretentious and some may say even tragic youth seems to exude the dignity to which he is called and bears it with true conviction. His clothes often being uniforms leaves no room for individual personality and we the fans can in those cases only give him point for how he wears it. He seems to be wearing it extremely well.

Court dress can at times be awkward and really separates the men from the boys in Royal circles. Here is where you show true confidence as often the outfits seem to date from the 13th century but have top be worn with a straight face to Internationally recognized events. Above we see the Prince Christian-Victor (in grey tights) next to the Duke of Swann, both in court dress. Only real Royalty can pull it off given the context of the historically relevant events they are worn to like coronations. Thus far the Crown Prince Imperial has not set a foot wrong in his public appearances and all we can say is; "bring it on".


  1. Love this post! The men also know a thing or two about style. He certainly does not need to stand back for anybody.

  2. Yes indeed, he can dress. You can tell his wardrobe is straight up couture.