Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

What's Up Wednesday (Reichenthal Official Visit to Perlistan)

The D'Jour Shahbahnou of Perlistan welcomed her first official visiting foreign Royals to her native country since her own return from exile to Perlistan. The landmark event took place this past weekend in the Perlistani capital but was also a bit of a private family affair. The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Reichenthal were ent on a diplomatic fact finding mission to Perlistan to explore the possibility of trade. They were warmly welcomed by the government and treated to an official welcome by the Shahbahnou who acts as the "face" of Perlistan in a diplomatic manner. The Shahbahnou also happens to be the elder sister of the Grand Duchess affording this particular trip a very intimate atmosphere.

The Shahbahnou welcomed the Grand Ducal couple in the Peacock Throne Room affording the press photos of the historic room for the first time in almost twenty years. Her Imperial Highness Shanaz Farah, The Shahbahnou looked spectacular in a desert shade dress with historic rubies.

Grand Duchess Azantha is seen here curtsying next to her husband upon them entering the throne room. It was an emotional moment for the Grand Duchess who has not visited her home country in many years.

An official photo opp was allowed the press directly in front of the historic Peacock Throne. Grand Duke Lothair was happy to step back slightly out of the limelight on this trip allowing his wife to catch most of the shine along with her illustrious sister.

The Shahbahnou, who does not have any political power but was welcomed back from exile in the capacity of holding a historical and ceremonial significance was very happy to host her first official event on Perlistani soil and to have that include her sister. The entire visit, albeit strictly not a State Visit was extremely successful in its purpose of strengthening trade and renewing awareness of the largely unknown Perlistan who traditionally keeps out of the Western media.

This extremely regal photo was taken to commemorate the trip and also shows the amazing Peacock Throne in all its glory. 


  1. e Peacock Throne is a fine piece of art and design, wow! Congrats!

  2. Stunning Post! Thank you, Daniel for incorporating the throne and my favourite royals like this. It is heartwarming.

  3. Que preciososss trajes, el trono del pavo real es especacularrr, besosss