Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Breaking News (Crown Jewel Exhibit altered to include the Crown of St. Christian)

Since many things have had to change in the last few months of flux another unnoticed project was underway alongside that of the restoration of the St. Christian's Crown. The Crown Jewel Exhibition Hall at the Aldarian Palace had a slight alteration to allow for the addition of the restored Relic Crown. 

Not much has been changed except for a few strategic moves of the display. The most difficult hurdle to overcome was obviously the technical considerations of the security systems set in place to protect the historic treasures. That being done all components found their new homes. In the photo above we can see the Crown of St. Christian placed at the right of the Imperial State Crown. Protocol demands that the symbol of Imperial authority take center stage but the St. Christian Crown shares the central elevation along with the Imperial Consort Crown at left. 
Here we see the St. Christian Crown underneath its own laser monitored re-enforced glass dome. 

Its position in relation to the Imperial Crown from a closer view. 

The entire central feature can be seen here from a security camera mounted on the ceiling.

This short promotional video has been released to the press to clearly show the newly refurbished Crown Jewel Display. Our blog has been granted first release privilege and from now the video is freely available for download on the internet. The new exhibition hall will be open to the public from today. 


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  2. Looks so authentic! Well done!

  3. Coooooool! Love the Pomp and Circumstance music.

  4. I LOVE it!! You really amaze me with your creativity.