Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Breaking News (Referendum; for or against a Monarchy in Scot-Britania)

Scotney and Britania have experienced a wave of Royalist sentiment to such a degree over the last five years that now, with the resurfacing of the St.Christian's Crown, that the governments of the two countries cannot relegate it to mere superficial ceremony. It has been decided to break entirely with revolutionary precedent of never restoring the monarchy in any form and to put the matter to the vote. After all, in this millennial age, we will let each individual make his choice known and make it count.

Chancellor Rex Johnston, now in his final term as Chancellor of Britania, announced officially at 8;00 AM today that there will be a countrywide referendum held in Scotney and Britania next week Wednesday to gauge the public opinion on the matter of a restoration of the monarchy. It will be the world's first ever entirely digital referendum. Citizens will be able to vote from their cell phones or desk top computer using their Identity Number for authentication. If the vote is in favour then the two governments will set down the parameters for a working model that takes all sides of the matter into consideration. Mr. Johnston expressed his and his Scotney counterpart's governmental position that the two nations will regardless of monarchic sentiment, never be amalgamated into one state as was the case with the United Empire of Scot-Britania but will retain their individual sovereign autonomy.

The Crown Prince Imperial has expressed that he would serve his peoples from the historical context as heir to that heritage as best he could and would accept the decision of Scotney and Britania. The Prince grew up in exile and was at first welcomed from exile in 2013 and later allowed to return to the two country's as a citizen in the official capacity as custodian of the Royal and Imperial legacy and historical interests. He then finally moved back from the Switzer Confederacy to take up official residence in the Historical Palaces of Scotney and Britania in 2014. His return has been a huge success and morale boost for Scotney and Britania. His Imperial Highness will now, like all of us, wait with abated breath for the results of the referendum.

Very exciting days seem to lay ahead for Europa as we see this situation unfold before us.

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  1. This is fantastic news. This is not only a restoration of monarchy, but a restoration of order and Godly virtue, in my opinion. Bring back the old order, bring back God's balance, bring back the realisation of what is right and wrong. Restore that which is held in high esteem by Him and his hierarchy, with the knowledge that those who have power have it because of HIM and are accountable, as great power is accompanied by great responsibility.