Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Monday, 23 March 2015

Tiaras and Trinkets Tuesdays (Jewellery available to the "Punk Princess")

Princess Oktavia Von Hohen und Silberstein as always has had a talent for attention grabbing. This has found great impetus in her having access to one of Europa's more impressive historic jewellery collections. Let us take a look at some of those jewels and also the Princess'unique way of wearing them in combination with very modern and sometimes controversial fashion. 

One of the iconic appearances of the Punk Princess as Oktavia has become colloquially become known can be seen in this photo. She is wearing the Von Hohen und Silberstein Princely Ruby Parure in tandem with a feathered glam rock ensemble by Madame Frumsetta. 

The rubies date from the early 19th century and consist of a tiara, bracelet, "De Resile" necklace and opera length "Sautoire" necklace. The set is lavishly set with extremely large and high quality square cut rubies embellished with diamonds and a king's ransom in pearls. It is rumoured that the tiara so impressed the Queen of Scotney that she immediately ordered a copy of her own after a visit to the Princely palace. 

Princess Oktavia has a very bold personality and does not shy away from period pieces that may seem impractical to wear in the new millennium. In this photo we see her wear a gigantic diamond choker made in the early 20th century when chokers were fashionable and seemingly all pain was endured for it. She does gain a lot of press for being so bold and we get to see jewels that otherwise would languish in dark vaults. We commend her for this "sacrifice". In the photo above she pairs the titanic choker with a contrasting small and delicate tiara as if to say on purpose; "look at the necklace". 

Deliberate in all she does, for a formal photo with her new husband, the Princess chose a far more elegant and regal dress coupled with cool sapphires. The edginess of the dress still alluded to her "street cred" but did foreshadow the calmer vibes of future family life. In this photo she pairs the Von Hohen und Silberstein Sapphires with earrings from her husband's D'Bacqueme Family Jewels. 

The Sapphire and Diamond Tiara and Necklace is of a more modern design and was made at the height of the Germanic Empire just before the Great War. The Von Hohen und Silbesteins are one of very few Noble Families to have survived the war and its aftermath due to their extensive business interests and industrial clout. 

Another set available to the Princess is this loose mix of Yellow Diamond and Topaz jewellery. All pieces were made separately at various times but with obvious intent on being worn in combination with each other or even jewels from entirely other sets. 

There are apparently more jewels in the Von Hohen und Silberstein Vaults and we cannot wait to see them on the red carpet along with all the D'Bacquemme jewellery availble to our Punk Princess. 


  1. A great collection of jewells Daniel! The feathered glam rock ensemble by Madame Frumsetta. is super cool and fashionable

  2. Lovely gems indeed! I have two crowns around here somewhere I need to find. I need to tie a story into them. I trying to find my Queen a King.

    1. Would love to see what you come up with Brini.