Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Official Royal Statement (End of Unexpected Blogging Hyathus)

It has been over two months since our last blog post and the Duke of Swann is now officially back behind the computer keyboard. His Royal Highness feels that an explanation is due and also wishes to inform his fans that blogging will now resume in force. We, his news reporting team, are also very happy to resuscitate what we believe to be a very important report on International Royal History as it happens live.

Developments in Britania and Scotney have reached a climax in the last few months culminating in the official return from exile of the Crown Prince Imperial Couple to take up residence in these two countries that formed the United Empire of Scot-Britania. The 1996 Revolution and 2012 assassination attempted to wipe all vestiges of monarchy from these historically staunch monarchist nations but the current republican governments have united in healing past wounds and setting the stage for a future inclusive of and in total acceptance of their Royal history. Thus the Crown Prince Imperial has from his side accepted the invitation to officially return to reside in these countries and to fulfill a government sanctioned role as custodian of history, the property and art associated with that history in trust of the peoples of the two countries.

This being nominally reported in a few former posts the situation developed so fast that it began encroaching on the Duke of Swann's already very tight schedule and thus blogging ceased. The Duke of Swann as first cousin to the Crown Prince Imperial and Head of State of a diplomatically friendly nation to Scotney and Britania was called on to serve an intermediary role over the last two months in order to assist both sides in the transition. This diplomatic and also very practical role has occupied all his time. The Duke of Swann has played host to the political factions and governments mediating subtleties of properties and political nuances but also had to be hands-on involved in the physical move of the Imperial Couple and some of the very valuable and politically volatile artifacts like the Imperial Crown Jewels from Sorgenfrei Castle to locations in Britania and Scotney. (note: the Crown Prince Imperial will keep Sorgenfrei Castle as his official residence in Muren and it will continue to serve as museum and function venue)

The return of the Crown Prince Imperial as a naturalized dual citizen of Scotney and Britania and to gain management of former Palaces, jewels, work of art and profit turning property is an unprecedented event almost akin to a restoration of monarchy without it being thus. The Crown Prince Imperial will have no political or governmental power but will act as a type of CEO as far as the Royal holdings are concerned and will also serve an ambassadorial role in representing the face of the two countries to the world but also of the people and to the people. In essence he becomes the embodiment of the people whom in serves in return. For this, special titles are considered but has not been decided upon.

All these events have now slowly began to plateau out and the Duke of Swan though tired is extremely elated at the developments and at the fact that he can write his thoughts and reports for blogging purposes again.

We his team are also looking forward to blogging again and have collected a vast cache of stories that occurred over the last two months that we are excited to begin report inclusive of all our other regulars.


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    1. Thank you Sergio. I cant wait to see the post on your blog with the sapphire jewels. :D