Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

What's Up Wednesday (The Grand Duke of Reichenthal's Birthday and Commemorative Portraits)

As providence would have it, the Grand Duke of Reichenthal celebrated his birthday this year whilst surfing the wave of publicity afforded Reichenthal with the discovery of the now famous secret vault. The attention of the historic find  boosted Reichenthal popularity and political clout that only further increased the fame of the already popular Grand Duke Lothair and his family. 

For his birthday a small but formal late tea for  family, friends and the Syldavian King Nikolas was arranged in the ball room of the same palace where the secret vault was discovered. 

A special chocolate cake (the Grand Duke's favourite) was baked and set out with tea. Reichenthal baking and locally made fine chinaware combined for this traditional birthday experience. 

Grand Duchess Azantha looked radiant in turquoise whilst wearing her Perlistani Dowry Emeralds. His Grand Ducal Highness chose a traditional Reichenthalian uniform for the celebration. 

First to arrive was Grand Duchess Azantha's sister, the Shahbahnou of Perlistan. 

The Grand Duke seemed very happy to greet his good friend the Duke of Swann who was next to arrive. 

Their Majesties, the King and Queen of Syldavia was the last to arrive as protocol demands. Grand Duchess Azantha is seen curtsying to her Royal guests.  

Queen Maxima looked festive yet regal in a bright cocktail dress and tiara. 

Princess Delarese was awaiting the guests inside the ball room and is seen here posing for the birthday portrait with her parents. 

The full compliment of party guests are captured together in this commemorative photo. 

This official yet intrinsically family affair displays the homey style of the Reichenthal Royal Family. The Grand Duchess seen here with her sister share a close bond as many sisters do but also bear the burden of Royal responsibility in the sometimes precarious world of politics that they traverse. That being said, at tiara events these ladies rock. 

The day after the birthday celebration a special commemorative set of State Portraits were scheduled to be photographed also in lieu of the discovery of some lost Reichethal jewels in the secret vault. Queen Maxima of Syldavia stayed on till the next day in order to partake in the official photographs as representative of the greater Syldavia in the local festivities. 

Grand Duke Lothair is seen here posing in the Royal Crown and Ceremonial Sackcloth Robe of the Kings of Medieval Reichenthal. 

Here the Grand Duke and Grand Duches are pictured together with Grand Duchess Azantha wearing for the first time, the Consort Crown of Reichethal, previously thought lost to history. 

The Royal family of Reichethal pose together with Azantha wearing the Consort's Crown and delarese wearing the First Princess Tiara also discovered in the Reichenthalian Secret Vault.

Princess Sonja, the Grand Duke's aunt, who couldn't attend the birthday party was present officially for the commemorative photos. She is seen at far right. The Princess has strict commitments since her induction into Arcwhite's prestigious and secretive Order of the White Veil but felt it important to show face. To our extreme left we see Queen Maxima who also joined in for this official photo. 


  1. Best wishes to Grand Duke of Reichenthal! I enjoyed this post, everything looks great and always super detailed

  2. Hello from Spain: Happy Birthday. Delicious cake. Nice pictures. I like the traditional gala outfit Grand Duke of Reichenthal is wearing. Keep in touch