Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

What's Up Wednesday (Prince Dillon of Swann's Birthday)

Time flies it is often said, especially when it seems that the new generation is is gaining ground on the former. The young Prince Dillon, heir to the throne of Swann has sprouted into a dashing and healthy young man and has reached yet another birthday. To celebrate the occasion his cousin, the reining Duke of Swann gave him a super bike. Prince Dillon has always hankered after one and until now couldn't afford to buy one for himself out of his army salary. However as the young Prince reaches maturity it is accepted that he may live closer to what is considered a proper dignity accompanied by the privileges for somebody of his rank.

The very expensive piece of equipment was handed over to the birthday boy in the gardens of Duke's Court Palace. 

Prince Dillon, having reached a more level headed season in his life promised to enjoy his present "carefully". He was seen racing off soon after this photo was taken, leaving the palace gardeners with a massive scar on the Royal lawn.  

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  1. Prince Dillon is looking awfully dapper next to his beautiful ride. I'm so happy to see someone enjoying one of these bikes. I almost bought a couple a few months ago, but changed my mind. They are quite nice.