Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Tiaras and Trinkets on Tuesdays (Jewellery worn by the Princess of Cataljone)

Our usual report on the Royal jewels is as always our favouirite and has been sorely missed over the few months that we haven't blogged. We are glad to post this article today.

Her Royal Highness Infanta Ezperanza, the Princess of Cataljone is the heir to the Hispanian throne. This position as second most prominent member in the Royal Family affords the Princess some amazing jewels to be worn as she represents her country at home and abroad. Let us take a look at the specific jewellery the Princess has worn since her debut in 2012.

The Cataljone Yellow Diamond and Fire Opal Parure is an entirely new set of jewellery made especially for the Princess in celebration of her 18th birthday. It has become a favourite of the Princess who has worn it often to important events. 

The valuable set of yellow Diamonds and rare Fire Opals link very closely to Hispania which is one of only two countries where the rare Opals are mined. Until the Princess becomes Queen, this set is earmarked to be her signature set. The photo above was especially taken for this featured post today. 

Every Royal Lady needs a tiara of neutral colour and for this purpose the Queen of Hispania opened the vaults of historic jewels for her daughter. As such Queen Maria has made the Aragon Diamond Tiara permanently available to her daughter. Now the Princess has a plain diamond tiara to wear when needed. 

The Aragon Diamond Tiara as seen here in a photo of the 10th Duke and Duchess of Aragon taken before the 96 Revolution, passed to the Crown Jewels of Hispania through the current Queen's mother who inherited it through her grandmother pictured in the photo above. 

Another part of the Hispanian Royal Collection that the Princess has had the privilege to wear is the famous Esperanza Ruby Parure. This beautiful set was spectacularly rocked by the Princess at the 2012 Christmas Ball in Arcwhite. This photo also displays a brand new ruby and diamond rivierre necklace that has seemingly been made to modernize the overall look of the set especially for the Princess' wear. 

The very stylish and beautiful young Princess of Cataljone is obviously one of the Royals to look out for as she never disappoints her fans and the future Queen is our hope for many return views of one of Europa's most dazzling Royal jewellery collections.

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  1. Hello from Spain: I really like your collection of trinkets. All photos are gorgeous. Keep in touch