Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Memory Monday (The Crown Prince Imperial Officially Returns From Exile)

Finally we can get to posting this pivotal story. The main news event that took place over the last two months was undoubtedly the official return of the Crown Prince Imperial to reside as dual citizen within the borders of Scotney and Britania. The event sets new standards in international protocol and has been reported to be the most popular political event of the century.

The international news worthy event was covered in depth by the media as can be seen in this Proclaimer front page article. It is boldly stated to be everything but a "restoration of monarchy" in what has become the staunchest republic countries in Europa, yet at the same time garners fanfares and glitz on par with pre-revolution Royal pomp. 

The Crown Prince Imperial and his much celebrated wife Odeliah arrived by Britania Government Jet on June 11. They were welcomed by an honour guard and the minister of the interior. The Crown Princess Imperial looked chic yet regal wearing fashionable faux fur and parts of the Imperial and Royal Crown Jewel Collections. The couple have over the last 18 months only visited the Crown Prince Imperial's homeland and former Empire as their exile was lifted in the wake of Empress Crystobel's initial overtures of friendship and then tragic assassination. The public sentiment toward their former Imperial Family then speedily changed from initial skepticism to virtual popular frenzy as this year saw not just the visit of the Crown Prince Imperial but his actual official return to reside in his homeland. 

After Their Imperial Highnesses' triumphal arrival at the airport they were scheduled for an evening banquet hosted in their honour at the Palace of Parliament in the Britanian Capital. The banquet was attended by leading government officials and the Duke of Swann. 

The couple arrived in state and was welcomed by a large crowd of onlookers cheering wildly. 

In this photo we see from left: The Duke of Swann, The Chancellor of Britania and the Crown Prince Imperial couple. 

An official handshake of friendship and final welcome to the Isles of Scot-Britania cemented the evening's photo opportunities. 

Princess Odeliah or rather The Crown Princess Imperial looked truly regal in a plain cut mini dress off-set by the Imperial Pearls from the Crown Jewel Collection. 

Literary days before the Crown Prince Imperial took up residence in Britania, the news hit of the discovery made in Reichenthal of historic jewels and the controvertial Imperial Throne of Scot-Britania. After negotiations it was agreed by the Syldavian Ministry of Foreign affairs and the governments of Scotney and Britania that it should be returned to its original place in the Cathedral of the Lion Heart on the border of the two nations. It was received there by the Crown Prince Imperial as the now official custodian of the history and historic artifacts of the his former Empire. 

The throne has since been returned to the Cathedral of the Lion Heart where it permanently resides in its traditional place in the King's Prayer Chapel.

Another piece of lost history rediscovered in the secret vault in Reichenthal was the Nuptial Coronet of Scotney. It was last worn at the wedding of Empress Crystobel, the Crown Prince Imperial's mother. It was thought lost during the 1996 as so many other pieces of historic jewellery. However a twist of fate led to its secret preservation and it was returned along with the throne. it will be displayed alongside all the other famous Crown Jewels associated with the Isles of Scot-Britania in a new Crown Jewel display to be prepared for public viewing. 

The government of Scotney commissioned State Portraits of Princess Odeliah to be photographed in celebration of the return of the Crown Prince Imperial. These photos were shot at the official residence of the Imperial couple in Scotney, Stirling Castle. 

The official portrait of the Crown Princess Imperial sees her wearing Imperial Sapphires along with the Order of the Diamond Star, the highest order of chivalry in Europa. 

This detailed photo shows the jewellery complimenting the Princess' beauty and grace. 

The Princess also wears the diamond star brooch that forms part of the Imperial Crown jewel Collection on her waist. 

The breathtaking series of photos took on a white theme to emphasis the peaceful overtones of a new beginning that the couple's faith filled decision to live within the borders of the former Empire symbolizes.

We truly hope and pray that the joy of the last few months will only increase as time moves forward into a bold future not in denial of the lessons learnt from the past.  


  1. I sure miss the Royals and their adventures! I'm caught up now so I feel I like better. I wish them the best in their new beginnings, the overall them is perfect.

  2. Hello from Spain: I really like your photos. Great international event. Much protocol and very stylish outfit. Keep in touch