Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Tiaras and Trinkets on Tuesday (Jewellery worn by Lady Arcwhite)

Through the centuries the Ladies Arcwhite have remained a behind-closed-doors head of state never showing face in public. The government and government officials were very real but the actual Lady Arcwhite was kept from general public view and when she might appear was strictly managed and only in front of selected assemblies of the initiate. However the current Lady Arcwhite decided to break the mould by not just stepping into the media glare but also to physically travel beyond the borders of her native islands. As an independently wealthy person in her own right she has displayed a jewellery collection on par with the greatest historic collections of the preeminent Royal houses. In most cases these pieces are of brand new manufacture especially designed according to her bespoke requirements. 

The photo above pictures Lady Arcwhite on her second ever public appearance in 2012 in her favourite tiara and most impressive necklace. The necklace was a recent purchase made in 2010 by the Lady Arcwhite from the then dwindling private collection of the exiled Shahbanou of Perlistan. It is often regarded as the most expensive necklace on earth due to the size of diamonds. The tiara was made for her by Olaf Isriksen, Arcwhite's most prestigious jeweller and her personal favourite. The two pieces are perfectly complimentary of each other and off-sets their wearer on the level of any historic empress. 

Since her first appearance Lady Arcwhite's jewellery collection has increased considerably. The tiara seen above with matching earrings was first worn last year to a State Reception in honour of The Crown Prince of Ophiri. Of similar configuration to the previous Isriksen Tiara this one alludes to a crown in its design due to the inclusion of crosses running across the top. The tiara also has the capacity to have different coloured stones being alternatively added or removed from the center of the crosses making it extremely versatile. 

This photo shows the Arcwhite Coronet Tiara as it has become known with the crosses free from coloured stone centers.

Black diamonds may seem like an antithesis as far a Lady Arcwhite is concerned but she had this demi-parure made in 2011 and has worn it with dramatic effect. Stark contrast seems to be a hallmark of her personality and preference in style. 

Having set a bit of a standard for always wearing big imposing jewels, we were surprised to see Lady Arcwhite sport this petite tiara in 2012 for the State Visit of the Duke of Swann. The tiara may be worn as a necklace as well and is yet another versatile piece. 

For non-tiara events Lady Arcwhite often chooses the sleek look wearing only dramatic earrings. These gold, tourmaline, topaz and rose quartz earrings are another Isriksen masterpiece made especially for Lady Arcwhite in 2011. 

Lady Arcwhite's "ice queen" persona is purposefully accentuated by this particular set of sapphires. She apparently enjoys the association with the fantasy title as her island realm of Arwhite is an " ice kingdom" on the real world stage. These sapphires are reputed although not documented to have been two eyes set in a an ancient Viking Idol and came into the coffers of the Ladies of the Veil somewhere in the early 1100's. This legend lends an air of mystique to the set but the stones are of modern cut and the two spectacular pieces are documented to be in the private ownership of Lady Arcwhite. The design also lends an almost alien feel to the wearer as the tiara is not of traditional design or even worn on the head in the traditional manner.

The unique design and spectacular size of the sapphires makes this set of jewellery a signature set worn by the unique and impressive Lady Arcwhite.

Pink being a softer colour may also not readily be expected from the severe style of Lady Arcwhite but as seen before she wears it to great effect accentuating her bold femininity yet not detracting from the fearsome drama we've come to expect from this icon of style. This set of Imperial Topaz earrings and necklace was made for Lady Arcwhite by her favourite jeweller in 2011. 

Blazing diamonds in large tiaras or massive earrings are as appropriate to lady Arcwhite as this extremely sleek and simple strand of diamonds and pearls. The necklace was first seen in 2011 and the earrings were originally seen in 2012. 

Lady Arcwhite also needs to wear some jewellery for the record books as her competitive personality vies for the international spotlight. The Arcwhite Brown Diamond Tiara is set with the tenth largest Diamond in the world. The 75ct  chocolate coloured diamond is known as the Pirate's Eye. The diamonds is reputed to be cut from a single stone along with the other brown diamonds that form part of the Hanoverian Brown Diamond Parure . This has never been verified through chemical analysis. The Pirate's Eye came to the Islands of Arcwhite when a raiding fleet of pirates attempted to ransack the Monastery of the Veil on Arcwhite in 1690. They failed miserably and ended up losing their treasure to the nuns rather than adding the nuns' treasure to their spoils. The stone was said to have been originally won in a gamble lost by a Hispanian Prince to the Pirate Captain Kraken. This set of jewellery is considered the property of Lady Arcwhite but the historic Diamond belongs to the Order of the Veil who holds it in trust for the nation. As such this is seen as one of the few State owned pieces that Lady Arcwhite has worn in public. 

The Arcwhite Icicle Tiara is considered to be synonymous with the ruler of Arcwhite for obvious visual reasons but also historically and due to the fact that the first ever photos of a Lady Arcwhite was seen with her wearing this most awesome piece. Of unknown manufacture date it is recorded in Arcwhite history as the Crown of the Lady. It has apparently had this role since 1777 but there is no painted or photographic record. The tiara was worn to the 2010 Christmas Ball where the current Lady Arcwhite stepped onto the world stage in front of the international media for the first time, forever searing the image of her into our collective consciousness. She has since worn it for the first ever State Portrait of a Lady Arcwhite. This portrait can be seen above. The tiara is made of pearls diamonds and carved iridescent rock crystal and it workmanship is speculated to date from the mid 1700's but can not be conclusively proven.

The Icicle Tiara can be seen above in its antique fitted case which definitely dates from the early 1800's. 

The historic jewellery collection of the Lady Arcwhite includes an authentic 14th Century Horned Headdress. This piece that belongs entirely to the Ladies of the Veil in trust of the nation is often seen as the Crown of Arcwhite even though technically no such "crown" is officiated in Arcwhite. It is the oldest peice of documented jewellery worn by a Lady Arcwhite and is only worn when Heads of State convene officially in the capital city. Thus the wearing of the headdress took place n 2012 when the Royal Christmas Ball was held in Arcwhite and was documented for the first time.  

This close up of the medieval headdress shows it in all its antique detail. It is made entirely of silver and is set with aquamarine stones.

Lady Arcwhite owns one of the most spectacular collections of jewellery in Europa and has access to some very historical pieces. We can always look forward to her truly leaving her mark on the red carpet and hope to see her reappear for our pleasure soon.


  1. Stunning! She would deserve Vogue Mag's cover

  2. Hello from Spain: Lady Arcwhite is fabulous. Her jewelry collection is beautiful. The tiara is awesome. The sapphires are very pretty. Great photos. Nice outfits. Keep in touch

  3. I love her headdress! she is so lucky to have beautiful jewels at her fingertips!

  4. Ohhh que preciosidad es un trabajo impresionante y los estilismo totales, besoss

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