Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Fascinating Fridays (Countess Cartwright Interview and Castle Tour)

Country living forms a major part of the Royal/Noble lifestyle. Aside from Royal Families employing the use of holiday retreats in the form of vast hunting estates or villas by the coast, many Noble Families also own country houses and the like. For many of these Noble Families the house may even be the original seat where the family permanently resided many ages ago as representatives of Royal Authority in distant parts of the Kingdom. Countess Cartwright granted this blog a special interview featuring her as the newly wed Countess and mistress of Cartwright Castle. Since popularity for the aristocracy is increasing in the democratic countries of Scotney and Britania we thought we would take a look at this boomingly popular Noble Lady. Let us take the tour and also get to know the new Lady Cartwright. 

We were welcomed right in front of the slightly foreboding medieval residence of the Earls Cartwright. The original castle was built more than 650 years ago but has undergone many alterations eventually ending up as a vast country mansion. Hints of the original towers remain but it has long since lost any of its genuine ability as a fortress. Lady Cartwright has enjoyed moving into her new home as she is a history scholar and relishes the great opportunity her new husband has afforded her as "caretaker" of this family treasure. 

Some of the castle interior like the chapel has seen almost no alteration since it was built, as can be seen in this photo. This part of the castle has great historic significance as it displays medieval building techniques like very few others on the island of Scot-Britania. The Coumtess has decided to make the castle available for architecture student tours by appointment. 

The historic lounge of the castle is in essence a museum and as such is never actually used. All the period  furniture is extremely old with documented histories. This is Lady Cartwright's favourite room as her studies in histories centered around historic furniture and its development. She has considered doing her thesis using this room as a starting point. This room is also famous for 400 year old tapestries and other original decorative features.

Castle Carwright's armoury has been altered into a relaxing lounge as can be seen in this photo. Modern couches blend strangely well with original wood fittings and suits of armour. The room's angle allows for very pleasant sun in winter making it the Carwright's favourite room in the castle. 

Married now for a mere nine months Mairi D'Bacquemme, of Noble decent herself, did find it daunting to marry into the formidable Carwright Family with its close ties to the Imperial Family of Scot Britania. The tumultuous history of Scot-Britania was not unfamiliar to her and her own Family's rough past but her exceedingly Continental upbringing was decidedly more worldly than that of her conservative husband. However love always prevails and in this case will endure as these opposite characters seem to have made for a match in heaven. In this photo Lady Cartwright poses in the castle's vast and very ancient library. This library is the only one in private ownership that has been declared and International Heritage Site in its own right and may never be sold. The Carwrights are obliged to preserve it for posterity and failure to do so will divert ownership of it to the state. 

The original medieval vineyards, long since abandoned as a commercial viability have been "repaired" and altered into a formal garden behind the stately home. The Countess felt it would serve as a quaint link with the castle's distant history as Scot-Britania's then only wine producing farm. The vineyard allows for long strolls and grape snacking in season. There is also a maze and a water fountain where relaxing moments may be spent on park benches.

Especially for our blog the new Countess donned the Carwright Amethyst Tiara and a formal dress for this portrait in the castle's entrance hall. Its seems the former red carpet addict has come a long way since her jet setting relationship with Viscount Hayz but has retained her sophisticated glitz. Now the married and settled Countess Cartwright has seemingly found her niche alongside her husband and his Scot-Britanian Noble heritage. 

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