Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Monday, 19 May 2014

Memory Monday (Investiture of the Grand Princess of Wallachia)

Lately we have be posting a lot on some of the less publicized events from between the 1996 Revolution and the 2009 rebirth of Royal popularity caused by the Crown Prince Imperial Ball. The 2005 Invesiture of the Princess of Wallachia was one such event. The Wallachian monarchy is popular within its borders and never dissolved their system of government like so many others after the revolution. However they did feel to keep their affairs off the world stage for security. Upon the death of her father from a heart attack, some say was caused by the stress and strain following the revolution, Xenia became the new ruler of the Grand Principality of Wallachia in 2005. The Investiture of their new Princess was such a small event that no other foreign Royals were even invited.

The extremely old and very imposing Throne of the Voivode housed in the great hall of the official residence of the Grand Princes of Wallachia was used as per tradition. From here the Princess committed herself to a life of service and received the fealty and blessing of her government and Nobles under the scrutiny of local press only.

The Princess of Wallachia in full State finery and jewels was enthroned and had to proclaim the Oath of Rulership. The event was televised but did not even last an hour. Only the relevant ministers, aristocracy and clergy were present and the Princess did not even parade through the streets. The main contact point with her people were these State Portrait photos commemorating the big day. 

The Princess wore the Grand Prince's Crown, Robe of State and Chain of Office but was not actually crowned as such an action has never formed part of a Wallachian Investiture. 

Her Serene Highness the Princess Draculesti XII Xenia of Wallachia, Hunedoar and Carpathia, Illustrious Countess of Batoria, and Defender of the East. She holds in addition the title of Baroness Bagrazia through marriage. The young and beautiful Princess ushered in a new era after her father's strict and almost militant rule. Her close ties with her cousin's Principality of Swann initiated a unified support for the eventual rise of popularity we have seen Royals thrive in over the last decade. 


  1. The throne is amazing, I like it!

    Where do you keep the stuffs you use for your post?

    1. I have a whole room dedicated to my dolls. Everything is neatly packed away though in plastic boxes.