Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Wonderful Weekends (Arcwhite Charity Photo Shoot)

Lady Arcwhite has called upon some of her most influential Royal friends to join her in a day of fun and dress up in aid of child welfare. The very stylish Lady Arcwhite commissioned another friend, Alison's Couture, to design seven awe inspiring dresses with her Royal friends in mind. The idea being that they all come together for a series of photos to be sold to raise funds for child welfare in each of the countries represented. Suffice it to say, the photos shoot was overwhelmingly spectacular and we hope it raises the much needed funds. 

Each Royal participant was also asked to make a donation in cash along with their time. However the day was totally worth it as the ladies got to "play" for a change and not just dress up for formality's sake. It also serves to boost the public profiles of our popular Royals as a full spread was done in the Mine Magazine. Let as take a look at this amazing event and see our Royals in a slightly more relaxed glamorous take on Royalty and their jewellery. 

Princess Oktavia, the "Punk Princess" rocked this edgy retro ball gown with her family rubies.

Specially designed like all the outfits, to compliment the wearer and her choice of jewels, this Alison original suited the Princess to a "T".

Grand Duchess Azantha, a personal friend of the designer got her favourite colour namely aquamarine blue.

Azantha paired the cool colour of the dress with deep pink, boldly complimenting the dress perfectly.

Lady Victoire of Champagne looked awesome in red. There isn't much more to be said.

The Champagne ruby collection includes one of the world's largest specimens in this brooch that was perfectly off-set by the amazing dress and beautiful Princess.

The lime light stealing Princess Kirsten exploded with colour complimenting her Art Deco amethyst jewellery. The colours are certainly very fun and fantastic unlike the sleek style we are used to see the Princess in.

The Youssopoff amethysts look like they have found their perfect stage in this dress.

The Shahbahnou of Perlistan hails from the Middle East and this dress is of a striking Arabesque inspiration in both fabric and design.

Our third set of rubies again is the perfect accompaniment for this clean cut dress.

The Crown Princess Imperial looked like an Empress but also like a superstar in this deep blue mermaid tail dress. If ever Royalty and Hollywood could be spliced this would be the look.

Imperial sapphires and glitzy blue dress shouted praises at each other that almost rivaled the wearer's blue eyes and broad smile.

Alison's Couture saved the lightning strike for the host of the event, Lady Arcwhite, who has never worn yellow in public and looked out of this world.

Black and yellow cannot help but evoke a "Queen Bee" effect and that Lady Arcwhite certainly can be at times and was for organizing this event to the benefit of thousands of children. We hope you our fans enjoyed it as much as we did and we thank our Royals and Alison for their time and effort in making this bright and beautiful event.


  1. Unbelievable. Everything is perfect. The dresses, the jewellery, the settings. I am in awe.

  2. Really impressive! I loved everything, thank you for enlightened my day :-)

  3. Hello from Spain: fabulous dresses. I love the red dress. Great photo shoot. Great job. Keep in touch

  4. Are you making the dresses as well, because every single thing looks stunning!

    1. Hi Muff. No I don't make these dresses. A friend Alison Stadler Diedericks makes them and lent them to me for this shoot. You can find her under that name on Facebook.

  5. Tnx for all the compliments everybody.