Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Friday, 13 February 2015

Wonderful Weekends (2015 Official Portrait of the Shahbahnou of Perlistan)

The greatest series of State Portraits have been released by the Perlistani Government since lifting the return of its monarchist claimant to the Imperial throne. This series was released to also advertise the Shahbahnou's informal trip to Hispania and Hanoveria for the purposes of strengthening diplomatic bonds. Strictly speaking these portraits are not State Portraits but are officially sanctioned as representing the people and history of Perlistan, if not its government.

The Shahbanou opted for a very austere colour and simple yet elegant dress design. It was perfectly off set by the traditional intricate decor of the Persepolis Palace.

The Crown of Perlistan was a central feature of the shoot linking the country's monarchic past with its progressive present. Here we also see the intricate beaded top of the otherwise very simple design of the dress.

Starkly elegant yet inviting and friendly is all we can say for this look.

The Shahbahnou also decided to give the Consort Crown of Perlistan some airtime as it may be the only time it has been worn in over 2 decades and another opportunity may not see the light for many years to come.

This is as stately as a "non-state portrait" could ever hope to be.

We hope our fans enjoyed this feature and that Perlistan is being welcomed back more and more onto the world stage from its own difficult past.


  1. She looks fabolus in her portraits. Do you make all of your dolls gowns too? The are always impeccable dressed! I love it.

    1. Many of my doll gowns are made to my specifications. Some are just bought. Tnx for liking them.

  2. This is an amazing shoot, Daniel. Really - everything just works so well together. This will count as one under my top 10, for sure.