Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Friday, 27 February 2015

Breaking News (Restoration Underway)

Enthusiasm for the history of the Scot-Britanian Isle has reached a fever pitch as the popularity of the Crown Prince Imperial soars with last week's discovery of the fragments of the Crown of St. Christian. A combined initiative of the governments of Scotney and Britania has been launched in conjunction with the Crown Prince Imperial's own funding 

His Imperial Highness has mounted this wave of public excitement by launching several restoration projects in tandem with the currently undergoing restoration of the Crown of St. Christian. These projects, in lieu of their historic value do receive government funding but are also privately funded by the Crown Prince Imperial's business partners. 

Let us take a look at the list of restorations currently underway outside of the Crown of St Chritian which  receive coverage of its own as it progresses. 

The Aldarian Palace survived the 1996 Revolution and was kept well maintained as government offices there after. It was given back to the Crown Prince Imperial in 2013.

The Palace received a complete makeover since then restoring it to its original glory. The gardens however is one of the projects currently being undertaken and once done will serve at scheduled times as a public park.

The Aldarian Palace has as part of its extended gardens a small house that was built for Empress Crytobel's privacy in the Empire's hey day. Here a commemorative statue for her mother was erected on what would have been her mother's 88th birthday. The number 8 signifying new beginnings, the Empress Crystobel was hoping for a turn-around of the growing discontent that eventually ended in the 1996 Bloody Revolution. The Royal Cottage, as it is know along with the famous statue is one of the projects currently underway.

The statue has been restored and has only yesterday seen its gilding completed making it ready for photographs. Here we see the Crown Prince Imperial on the manicured lawn ready to show us the completed work on the statue of his grandmother.

Not much was needed in restoring the sculpture as it was not damged in the revolution, only left to neglect. Slight touch ups and regilding is all that was required.

This close up shows the final outcome. A spectacular testament to history and awesome craftsmanship.

This archive photo of the Crown of St Christian can be compared with the replica crown on the statue of Queen Crystobel above which many thought was the only real two records of the supposed lost crown. It was found last week and is currently being restored to its former glory.

The small statue of King Edward VII of Britania, the Crown Prince Imperial's great great grandfather kept in the Cathedral of the Lionheart, also had some much need repairs done. It lost its left hand and the scepter and cross on top of the crown. These have all been remade and painstakingly replaced.

The original Imperial Mews still to this day houses the remains of the collection of horse drawn carriages and coaches used by the Royal and later Imperial House/s of Scotney and Britania. After the revolution the doors were merely locked and nothing saw th light of day until last week. 

The Imperial Coronation Coach as it is now known used to serve as the Coronation Coach of Scotney but was redone for use in the United Empire. Although these spectacular photos may seem impressive to the untrained eye, the coach is in need of some serious work due to its neglect over the past two decades. 

Reichenthalian craftsman are arriving in March to begin the painstaking restoration work under the management of the Crown Prince Imperial and the Grand Duke of Reichenthal who still possesses all the original plans and records for the coach.

We truly look forward to all of these spectacular and historic artifacts being brought back to life. Their stories are worth telling and remembering and their beauty can now be appreciated by all as they are all to be displayed to the public.


  1. Hello from Spain: Fabulous The Aldarian Palace. Stunning gardens. The golden statue is awesome. The small statue of King Edward VII of Britain is fabulous. Nice pics. Keep in touch

  2. This is all stunning! I'm quite impressed.

  3. Thank you Marta and Muff. There is much more coming.

  4. The Imperial Coronation Coach is absoultely great! Loved it!