Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Breaking News (Crown Fragments)

The world is agasp at the news of the most historically famous crown returning from what was considered to be its factual destruction during the 1996 Bloody Revolution. The Crown of St. Christian, has a legendary origin and has long symbolized the monarchy and more poignantly, the independence of Scotney. It does however have some controversial connotations as it is seen by some historical and political commentaries as the Crown of both the Kingdoms of Scotney and Britania. Regardless of all this, the Crown was one of the objects reported destroyed by the revolutionary governments after the 1996 tragedies. 

The Proclaimer was on the ball this morning reporting on the very mysterious return of the Crown and showing an archive photo. Some saw this shocking news as a hoax but investigation into the matter is seemingly proving the Crown's authenticity. If the Crown proves to be original it may be seen as a sign from God or good portent by many of the older more superstitious generation in Scotney and Britania. This may force an official response from both countries' leaders as to how to handle the matter inclusive of the Crown Prince Imperial's very new and tenuous return to the Islands of Scot-Britania.

The famous Cathedral of the Lionheart has been the venue for many historic events such as coronations and funerals but now it seems a kind of miracle has also taken place with the mysterious return of the Crown of St. Christian. 

The Blue Cardinal was the one who found  the strange deposit upon the high altar of the cathedral yesterday morning. His Eminence is in the habit of walking while praying through the cathedral very early each morning but then yesterday he spotted something out of place gleaming on the altar. It turned out to be the solid gold Crown of  St. Christian cut into neat fragments and a small vinyl case filled with precious stones. 

The relic Crown of St Christian is imbued with myth and history and many who support the traditional concept of monarchy might see its miraculous return as some kind of "Word of God" or blessing upon the Crown Prince Imperial. This poses a political stress as it may birth sentiments of a restoration in full of the monarchies of Scotney and Britania and perhaps even the very controversial United Empire of Scot Britania. 

This photo shows the fragments and gems as they were found. One can easily compare the design of the fragments with the archive photo of the original Crown below. Such a close comparison reveals the obvious similarities but did at first not exclude the fragments from being modern copies. Closer inspection was needed. 

When the fragments are compared to this archive photo of the original crown it is clear even to the untrained eye that the fragments look like the photo. Experts were called in to do a proper analysis. 

The world renowned expert on antique jewellery and aunt of the the Crown Prince Imperial was the obvious choice to inspect the Crown fragments and gems. She was joined by her nephew and the Blue Cardinal and our news cameras. 

It is easy for a scholar of the jewellery manufacture discipline to assess the age of a piece of jewellery by virtue of styles and technique in metal work and stone cutting. Modern tools also leave distinctive marking proving that a supposed antique is actually a modern forgery. However, the Crown fragments passed all tests and analysis proving it to be the original. There was also evidence found that some gold was lost to filing away and not all the gems documented to be in the original crown were present in the case. T

The Crown Prince Imperial, the peoples of Scotney and Britanania and their governments are all, regardless of controversy, very happy that this important piece of history has in fact been preserved. The Crown Prince Imperial has committed to have the Crown be restored to its former glory at His Imperial Highness' own expense. He also then from the onset, vows that the Crown will remain part of the Imperial Crown Jewels Collection held in trust by himself for both the nations of Scotney and Britania in perpetuity. Not unexpectedly, many calls have come from the public sector in both Scotney and Britania for a restoration of the monarchy but the political opinion remains divided. If the public sentiment continues a referendum may be called to settle the matter once and for all. For now however, we will focus on this happy find and look forward to the Crown's full restoration. 


  1. Fantastic and intriguing. I sense great things to come ...

  2. Love the story, the detail, everything!!

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