Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

What's Up Wednesday (2015 Syldavian Electorate Meeting)

The recently restored throne room of Ploch Palace in Syldavia could finally be put to official use for the first time since the restoration of the monarchy. Reichenthal craftsmen took several years to restore the neglected splendour of the very intricately decorated room to its former glory. The central feature of the room is obviously the throne presiding over a silver overlaid round table seen below.

The throne room served in its first Syldavian Electorate meeting this year, albeit it the third meeting of its kind in the history of the newly reestablished monarchy. From this year onward the room and the annual Electorate Meeting will be seen as the very heart of the Kingdom of Syldavia.

In the above picture we see the Crown of Syldavia, symbol of the monarchy present upon the round table.

The yearly Electorate Meeting gathers the Heads of the Five Noble Families in one room to officially open the national year and establish its plans and budgets and also to vote in and officiate policy. The meeting is very similar to an "Opening of Parliament" as in other monarchies except that in Syldavia, the King is seen as part of the 5-fold collective and not as an individual acting solely in his own person.
Their Majesties the King and Queen of Syldavia and the Count Von Bismarck represent the currently elected Royal Family.

The monarch of Syldavia is elected from the heads of 5 electorate families. He/she then serves for life followed by another election. Above we see the other four Electors along with the Royal Family gathered in the throne room.

King Nikolas III of Syldavia.

Queen Maxima was present as an observer...

along with the King's brother who officially represents the Von Bismarck Family.

The Countess of Bo'hemia more popularly known as the famous fashion designer, Madame Frumsetta, is one of the Electors.

The Grand Duke of Reichenthal, formerly King of Reichenthal, represents his now mediatized region of Reichenthal as an Elector.

The Grand Duke of Serbieski, another former Kingdom  is the fourth Elector at the council..

Finally we get a rare glimpse of a Royal who does not frequent the lime light. Princess Victoria Von Thurn und Taxis, the last Elector.

Even though the Electorate Meeting is an official and working meeting it also serves a ceremonial function requiring formal dress and tiaras. We hope at least the sparkle makes this seemingly mundane event more fun to watch.

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  1. Loved this post! I like the rich details of everything we saw on the pictures :-)