Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

What's Up Wednesday (New Crown Jewel Display in Britania)

To start 2015, the Britanian and Scotney governments have collaborated in constructing an entirely new Crown Jewel Display. These valuable and very precious objects have moved from Sorgenfrei Castle in Muren to Scot-Britanian soil with their owners and custodians the Crown Prince Imperial Couple since their official welcome back from exile. Now they will be permanently housed in their neighbouring countries of origin in perpetuity.

The Aldarian Palace will now officially play a role in Britanian and indeed Scotney life and culture again for the first time since the 1996 Revolution. The Crown Prince Imperial has moved into the palace in his capacity as custodian of Britanian and Scotney Royal history and Royal historic artifacts and has combined his private collection with that kept in trust for the nation. These will now be exhibited at the Aldarian Palace when not used/worn by members of the Imperial Family.

The Aldarian Palace as it looks since its full restoration and alteration to receive its new occupants.

The brand new Jewel Room in the Aldarian Palace has been granted dual territory status along with the grounds of the entire palace making it official sovereign territory of both Britanian and Scotney. It technically has the same diplomatic status as an embassy but is the only one of its kind in the world. Currently the Palace is in the last league of gaining International Heritage Site recognition as well. 

After the display area was completed the various objects were placed in their various exhibit spaces. 

Security is of the highest standard and the thick glassed exhibit cabinets and domes may be approached up close for an intimate view of the international treasures.

The thick bullet proof glass does not seem as thick as it actually is to the untrained eye.
Some truly remarkable historic and valuable pieces may be viewed by the public. This Nuptial Crown from the Scotney Royal Treasure was presumed destroyed but was rediscovered after decades.

The Imperial Aquamarines also return to the world stage after languishing in a secret vault for almost 20 years.

The Crown Jewels include the world's largest top quality diamonds, a rarity that can now be enjoyed by the public up close.

The Imperial scepters of which the one on the left contains the world's largest diamond.

Many unknown parts of the Crown Jewels like the Imperial Chains of Officie can now also be inspected in detail.

The very rarely seen Crown Prince Imperial Coronet has a pride of place under its own glass dome right next to the central feature of the Jewel Room display. 

The central feature  is obviously the two Imperial Crowns housed directly in the center of the Jewel Room under a spectacular glass dome.

For the first time on this blog we feature a detailed photo of the Imperial Crown of the United Empire of Scot-Britania.

The Empress'Crown also receives it first ever featured photo in this post. 

A small opening ceremony was held for the Imperial Family and media last night. It is the first major Royal event of 2015 and Princess Augusta was visibly very happy at this milestone in Imperial history.

The histories of the two countries, Scotney and Britania are inextricably and indelibly linked and now peacefully and gloriously celebrated in this exhibit, said the Premiere of Scotney, Margaret Fontelroy. Mrs Fontelroy is seen here in yellow, posing with the Chancellor of Britania and the Crown Prince Imperial Couple.

The Crown Prince Imperial is seen here chatting with the Chancellor.

The Crown Prince Imperial Couple posed for and official portrait with the Imperial Crowns.

The spectacular collection will undoubted be appreciated and enjoyed by many citizens of the two countries they represent and serve to educate future generations. They also promise to attract tourists by the thousands each year garnering an economic boost for Scotney and Britania and providing an income for the upkeep of the palace and its historic content.


  1. The jewels are all beautiful. I'm glad that they have at long last received a home where they can be displayed and kept safe.

    1. Technically this is their fourth and hopefully last home.