Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Memory Monday (Swann Commemorative Statue and Memorial Garden)

In 2012 the current Duke of Swann celebrated 15 years on the throne. A grand banquet was held in honour of the anniversary with many foreign Royals attending as official guests and family. What we did not post here on the blog was two events that coincided with the 15 year anniversary celebrations and we will do so now in our customary historic slot, Memory Monday. At the time the Duke of Swann wished to honour the life and reign of his predecessor and father, the former Duke of Swann, who died as a result of the 1996 Revolution. He also wanted to include his mother, Princess Elizabeth, the last Duchess Consort of Swann in his show of gratitude.

The vast and world famously beautiful gardens of Duke's Court Palace was decided upon as the venue for these commemorations to take place.

His Royal Highness, the Duke of Swann chose the gardens to permanently erect a statue in memory of his late father and to plant a memorial garden in honour of his mother.

Reichenthal craftsman were commissioned two years in advance of the 2012 celebrations to design and create a gilded bronze, life size representation of the former Duke of Swann. The result shows an uncanny resemblance and pleased the Duke of Swann immensely who felt the statue was to; "make up for the many unhappy bygone years he struggled through in relationship with his father". His Royal Highness hoped the gesture would afford his father honour he may have neglected to show him in his life.

The gilded statue was placed with a spectacular panoramic view of the palace gardens and water features also affording it grandiose raised vantage as visitors to the park will find when approaching it from far below.

The Duke of Swann posed for this formal portrait on the day of the unveiling.

His Royal Highness was visibly moved when he recalled the life of his father in his speech. Remembering in truth the struggles but the, now in hindsight, valuable lessons he learned from his father, He especially payed homage to his father's love, which he felt he misunderstood during his lifetime.

Following the speech an announcement was made of the planting of the memorial garden in honour of the Duke's mother. His Royal Highness revealed which part of the palace gardens was dedicated to it and said he would inspect the progress in 3 months from the date of the statue's unveiling.

A few months later His Royal Highness toured the new garden to inspect how the plants had settled and was quoted as "being happy". 

A commemorative carved stone was laid in honour of the Duke's mother at the base of the garden, pointed out here by His Royal Highness. The stone will eventually be engraved with the famous words from the Bible; Exodus 20v12 "Honour thy father and thy mother, that it may go well with thee." The garden is filled with all the favourite plants and shrubs of the late Duchess of Swann.

A replica of the Venus De Milo was also erected in the memorial garden as it was the Duke's mother's favourite sculpture. The garden was then left to reach it's full growth and bloom potential to eventually be enjoyed by the public when visiting the Royal gardens.

The Duke of Swann plans a State Portrait for 2015 to be taken in the memorial garden.

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  1. Wonderful post. I love the gardens. The brass statue against the greenery is a wonderful contrast. Looks real.