Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Fascinating Fridays (Jewellery Terminology; "De Resile" Necklace)

"De Resile" is a Franconian term meaning "hair net".  It was applied satirically in the late 1800's to a fashionable style of necklace worn by the upper classes. A progression from what we may consider the standard choker, the De Resile necklace added layered strands and pendants to the bottom of the close fitting " dog collar". This was what many considered to be the apex op wearing a maximum quantity of precious stones around the neck from as high up to as low on the cleavage as appropriately possible. In that " golden age" of  jewellery, wearing profuse amounts of jewels to show rank and status became the epitome of Royal style. The tiaras were huge, earrings heavily dangled low and necklaces must have felt like farmyard yokes. The " hairnet" comparison alluded to these necklaces often applying a net-like appearance by virtue of dangling festoons and criss-cross elements in their design. Here follows some of the many necklaces that fall in this category amongst our Royal Collections. 

Queen Gloria of Normandia wears the oldest know "De Resile style necklace in this photo. It is part of the Crown Jewel Collection of Normandia and predates the era where this style became popular but definitely set the stage for future manifestations of the necklace. 

Empress Crystobel had two necklaces in this style of oddly exactly the same design. The only difference was the use of coloured stones. This photo shows her wearing the purple amethyst and black pearl version but she also owned a white pearl and diamond one. 

This composite archive photo allows us to compare the designs of the necklaces. Also not the similarity albeit not exact copies of the tiaras.

The Romagna Royal Jewel Collection includes a De Resile necklace pictured in the center of the photo. It has low hanging festoons doing justice to the net effect these necklaces are meant to display. 

Here, the Duchess DiGiorgio can be seen wearing the necklace in 2012 from the Romagna Collection. 

The Duchess of Argyle received this very low hanging necklace, pictured above, as a gift from the Duke of Swann. 

The Duchess of Argyle is seen wearing her necklace to very dramatic effect which is exactly what these types of necklaces are meant to do, namely impress for shear size. 


  1. Me encanta Daniel el collar coloreado es as de la joyería, besoss duque de swan

  2. So interesting and learnitive! Loved it!

  3. I am always fascinated when you showcase the Royals jewels. The Duchess of Argyle really know how to command attention!