Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Tiaras and Trinkets on Tuesday (Princess Augusta Sells Tiaras)

Her Imperial Highness, Princess Augusta of Scot-Britania has released a short press statement concerning rumours of her selling Imperial treasures. She did so exclusively to this blog as she is quoted as trusting it "...as the most authentic media source on Royalty in the world". The Princess has admitted to selling two parures of famous jewellery in private sales towards the end of 2014. However she was the legal owner in her private capacity and both sets' Royal provenance was not directly linked to the Imperial House of Aldarian. The Princess, as a world renowned art and antique jewellery dealer also stated that she often acquires pieces for their investment value with the intent on selling later at an opportune time. Her wearing of said jewellery in public does not make it the property or the historic heritage of the the Imperial Family. The Princess does act as custodian of many such Imperial pieces and would never dream of selling them on the open market. 

The first set Princess Augusta admitted she sold is the Bunting Emerald Parure. She acquired it in the United States in the late 90's from the exiled family of the last Baron Bunting and now with appreciated value sold it in a private sale to a buyer who's identity must legally remain confidential. 

The Princess wore the emeralds on several occasions to dazzling effect. She said that the right buyer came at the right time and thus we may never see her wearing emeralds again. We may of course keep on the lookout for the set as it may or may not have ended up in one of our other famous Royals' coffers. 

The spectacular Drop Sapphire Parure came to Princess Augusta from a collector who reputedly bought it from one of the fleeing Ruskian Noble Families after the Great War. The collector and the family who sold it still remains legally confidential but Princess Augusta being privy to the knowledge admitted to selling it back to its rightful owners when the opportunity arose. 

In this photo we see her wearing the sapphire which was apparently one of her favourites and very difficult to sells for that reason. However conviction and eventually profit got the better of her and the set returned "home". We look forward to seeing who ends up being the ellusive Ruskian Noble Family as a descendant wears it for the first time in almost a century. 

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