Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

What's Up Wednesday (Diplomatic Tour of the Shahbanou of Perlistan)

Traditionally the season for state visits or in this case diplomatic tour, early and late in every year we get to see a lot of glamour associated with these official visits. Earlier in January we reported on Queen Gloria's State Visit to Syldavia and today we feature the tour of the Shahbanou of Perlistan to Hispania and Hanoveria which took place over the last week. Strictly not a State Visit as the Shahbanou is not a head of state but a pretender, the Shahbanou was afforded ambassadorial status as she did officially represent her native country and several charities. The main aim of the Shahbanou's tour was to promote trade between her native country and those visited. Hanoveria and Hispania were earmarked because of their political stability and friendly diplomatic terms with middle eastern nations. "By no means does Perlistan wish to exclude other Europan nations but felt that these were the welcome mat to further ventures", the Shahbanou was quoted to say.

Due to the relaxed formality of the tour the Shahbanou did not receive a State welcome at the airport but just arrived like any V.I.P. with the paparazzi flashing away at the hotel.

She attended a banquet in her honour and to focus more media attention on her visit hosted by Queen Maria at the Royal Residence. Queen Maria is very fond of the Shahbanou and they are on very friendly terms, often sharing holiday homes. 

An all out " tiara duel" was on the diplomatic stage at the pretender "Empress"of Perlistan packed out the big diamonds for this formal event. 

Queen Maria was not going to back down and even though the dress code was shorter skirts, she did also wear her "best" tiara.

After two days in Hispania, the tour moved to Hanoveria where the Shahbanou was also honoured with a banquet. Hanoveria, for pageantry's sake expects full regalia and ball gowns for their State Banquets. 

The Hanoverian Royal Palace played host to the visiting "diplomat" with flags waving and full ceremony as for a proper head of state.

Wearing a positively spectacular dress in accordance with dress code protocol at the Hanoverian Court, the Shahbanou elicited gasps from the guests and even the Grand Ducal couple noted how striking she looked. 

The Shahbanou wore sapphires last seen worn by her mother over two decades ago and her dress is reportedly from a new designer on the International stage by the name of Hilegonda. We will look out for more of their couture. 

Full court dress is required for men and the Grand Duke obviously did not disappoint with chains of office and chivalric orders. 

Grand Duchess Alice wore the famous ruby jewellery bought by her husband from his aunt, Empress Crystobel's estate. The rubies are a welcome sight as many Royal watchers were concerned that Empress Crystobel's jewellery would languish in vaults after her death.

After compulsory ceremonials, the tour was a great success with the Shahbanou raising awareness for many child welfare initiatives initiative and meeting with several large businesses establishing the groundwork for new trade contracts. We hope to see more of the would-be Empress and wish her and her people well.


  1. The Shahbanou is very pretty. That brown and gold gown was breathtaking. The blue sapphires accented it quite well.

  2. Everyone looks stunning and you know I love the Grand Duke attire. I love how the jewelry makes everything pop!

  3. Preciosos modelos me encanta el vestido marróny con su joya correspondientes destacan un monton,bbesosss