Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Wonderful Weekends (State Portrait of Arch Duchess Maria Theresa of Fulco D'Este)

In the wake of the recent Fulco D'Este wedding we thought it might be interesting to release a historic State Portrait linked to the history of the Arch Ducal Family of Fulco D'Este. The current Arch Duke is a descendant of the last and only Kaizer of the Germanic Empire. His grandmother, Princess Maria Theresa was the eldest daughter of the Kaizer. She married the then Furst Von und Zu Fulco D'Este. Their son, the current Arch Duke's father gained the title of Arch Duke through his mother and when Fulco D'Este was annexed to the Germanic Empire the title also replaced the traditional title of Furst and has remained so to this day. 

Her Imperial Highness Arch Duchess Maria Theresa of Germania, Furstin Von und Zu Fulco DÉste. 

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  1. Hello from Spain: Happy Easter. The weekend is always fabulous. Nice pic of Teresa de Fulco D'Este. Keep in touch