Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

What's Up Wednesday (Youssopoff Jewellery Auction)

Last weekend saw a glittering auction organized by Princess Kirsten Youssopoff in aid of Ruskiana orphanages. The Princess, a passionate defender of widows and orphans, decided to put her wealth behind supporting children who have been adversely affected by the mining in the regions surrounding the Youssopoff traditional holdings in Ruskiana. The Prince and Princess own a spectacular Sapphire Parure made from sapphires mined from the Youssopoff mines especially for Princess Kirsten in 2012. They are considered to be some of the best quality gems in the world. The Princess, who originally accepted the jewelry to market Ruskian mining and craftsmanship, decided to take it a step further two years later by auctioning the jewels off to raise funds and awareness towards the plight of orphans.

The Princely couple was enthusiastically supported by the local mining community and the red carpet event went off with a bang last week Saturday evening seeing many of the world's big business tycoons joining the Royal couple. 

The Youssopoff Palace Ball Room was the venue chosen to host the glittering soiret. 

The arrival of the stylish couple proved once again that wealth and charity can make for a spectacular collaboration.

The uncontested star of the evening was the Youssopoff Sapphire Parure to which the Ruskian Mining Corporation added a brand new pair of earrings as their contribution to the fund raiser. The set of sapphires eventually sold after a 20 minute bidding war to a wealthy philanthropist from Romagna who chose to remain anonymous.

Here we see Princess Kirsten in 2012 as she wore the sapphires for the only time in her life to the Investiture of the King of Syldavia. Her wearing of the jewelry to this internationally important political event thrust Ruskian mining and sapphire jewelry onto the world stage.

The Mine Magazine added to the publicity surrounding the sale of the jewels.


  1. Wow! So exciting! Who will be that philanthropist from Romagna? Hahhahah! No spoiler, sorry peeps :P

    Thank you so much Daniel! I'm honoured and really happy :-D

    1. My pleasure. We will arrange all the logistics. :D

  2. I think your best creations are made in blue and white, the top, you should focus on that match Daniel.