Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Wedding Weekend (The Wedding Ceremony of Princess Marie-Elizabeth and Arch Duke Otto)

After long weeks of anticipation the much awaited wedding of Princess Marie-Elizabeth of Swann and Arch Duke Otto Von Fulco D'Este is happening today. 

Sorgenfrei Castle is host to this dynastic wedding of high profile. On the side of Swann, it is an official event with the Princess being a member of the reigning House of Swann. However, she is marrying "out" of the family and becoming a part of the Fulco D'Este dynasty who hold the seat in pretense to the former Arch Duchy of Fulco D'Este. In that capacity the wedding is strictly speaking a private affair and thus held in Sorgenfrei as Fulco D'Este have yet to welcome back their exiled Royal Family. 

A member of the public has just uploaded this photo to the internet of the convoy of dignitaries driving toward Sorgenfrei Castle.

The hosts of the ceremony, proprietors of Sorgenfrei Castle and cousins of the bride, the Crown Prince Imperial and Crown Princess Imperial, await their guests. The Crown Princess Imperial is wearing Barbie International Couture and what seems to be a new set of earrings and necklace paired with the D'Pont Du Lac Pearl Tiara.  

The man of the hour, the groom stands to military attention awaiting the arrival of the guests and of course his bride. He is seen at the altar here with the Silver Cardinal, Chaplain for the Royal House of Swann. 

First to arrive is Prince Dillon of Swann with his cousin Princess Kirsten Youssopoff. They were followed by the Royal Family of Hanoveria.

Next to arrive is Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Ruskiana, cousin of the bride and the Grand Duke of Reichenthal, cousin of the groom.  

The Royal Family of Wallachia attends in force and in support of their cousin, the bride.

Another relation of the groom is Queen Gloria of Normandia who also attended officially representing her country to this "State Wedding". 

Queen Maria of Hispania represented her country and is a distant cousin of the bride. 

With a gun salute firing from the ramparts of the castle, the arrival of the bride is announced.  The historic guns were entirely restored for use at this wedding and to henceforth serve as part of the castle's historic exhibit. They will thus also be fired at relevant times and events around the year. 

The Duke of Swann waited to welcome his sister and to walk her down the aisle. It is a poignant moment as the bride alights from her great grandfather's 1909 Rolls Royce, the first bride to officially use it as a wedding car. 

Princess Marie Elizabeth is attended by her cousin Queen Maxima of Syldavia, as Matron of Honour and by her friend the Duchess Di Giorgio, as Maid of Honour. She was driven to the wedding by Sir Charles Jennings, long standing family friend and High Stewart of Swann. 

The bride wearing a breathtaking beaded dress and her brother. Princess Marie-Elizabeth wears the same tiara her mother wore at her wedding. 

The bride enters the chapel....

....and is given to her dashing groom.

For the first time in Royal history, the actual vows are recorded on camera. This sets a new precedence for Royal weddings as this part, was according to tradition, never photographed. 

After the formalities the couple walk from the chapel to allow the press and public, gathered outside the castle, a photo opportunity on the balcony. 

A stunning view of the newly-weds from the Sorgenfrei Castle balcony.

The new Arch Duke and Arch Duchess of Fulco D'Este.

After the balcony official photos are posed for before the private banquet is served for the guests and dignitaries. Above we see the bridal party. 

The bride with her two aunts, at left the Dowager Grand Duchess of Hanoveria and at right the Dowager Princess of Wallachia.

The bride, her brother and all their cousins.

We wish them and their families all the best.


  1. Hello from Spain: a Rolls Royce is fabulous. Awesome pics. I really like the wedding. A very elegant and elitist ceremony. Long live the newlyweds!. Grear outfits. Keep in touch

  2. Wow! How cool is this? I enjoyed this post, was like to see a live tv report. I loved Princess Marie Elizabeth bride gown, very fashionable and modern, I was expecting a puffy gown with a long long veil. Congrats :-)

    1. I'm so glad you appreciated the dress. it was very expensive to have made on order.

  3. Congrats to the newlyweds. The Duke of Swann looked as handsome as ever!

    1. Thank you Brini. I will forward your compliment to His Royal Highness.

  4. Beautiful wedding. That bridal gown was stunning!

  5. Nice to read your stories the dolls must be enjoying it, Adore the RR car. Love the boys garments, so fancy.