Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Wonderful Weekend (Publicity Portraits of Baroness Klariowna)

Baroness Klariowna has released a set op publicity shots as part of the advertising campaign marketing her new cabaret show set to launch over the upcoming Easter Season in the Big Apple. The one man show called "Center Ring" is a combination of self written songs in a jazzy/blues/rockabilly fusion style interspersed with stand up comic commentary on contemporary news events. 

Baroness Klariowna looks the part of a Circus Ring Master in one of her show costumes. 

The general atmosphere of the show is playful and tongue in cheek wit with extremely poetic and folklore inspired music.

The quintessential "Baroness'' juxtaposes her Noble birth with rubber meets-the-tar contemporary relevance. This photo links her with her heritage and reminds us that even history can still be memorable.

Wearing a bespoke set of jewellery designed for her in 2012 the Baroness is said to: "... live for the stage but will make do with cameras too...".

The sought after cabaret star and Normandian Noble is sold out before opening night. The show is set to tour the capital cities of her native Normandia, Swann and Franconia. 


  1. I like her! She's a contemporary woman who isn't too afraid of her noble heritage

    1. She is very modern yes. read more about her by following the "Klariowna" tag.

  2. Una gran revelacion,no pense que la realeza se atreviera a tanto.
    Bien por ella.