Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Financial Friday (Royalty in Business)

In former centuries being Royal was the only occupation of Royalty as their class afforded them the responsibility of "ruling". All that meant was that they had to make all the decisions concerning their country's internal and foreign affairs. These days not even the reigning monarchs really rule and when they do it is very similar to the very real job of directing a massive corporation. As such many monarchs and especially their extended family members have grown accustomed to actually running a business or working in some form or another. Thus the role of "being Royal" has almost become a ceremonial icing on the cake of an actual job. 

Let us take a look at some of the business ventures Royal are involved with these days.

The International powerhouse Arc International has become a household name due to its global influence and outright financial force. It is wholly owned and managed by Lady Arcwhite in her private capacity. This however remains a technical reality as she obviously works with a board of directors and international branch managers. She also has to juggle the many responsibilities with her ceremonial role as ruler of the islands of Arcwhite. 

Arc International has many diverse holdings of which the three main branches are; media in the form of MINE Magazine, computers in the form of Hayz International and state of the art power plants.

The first natural gas power plant owned by Arc International was erected in the province of Serbieski in Syldavia and was the cause for a still raging controversy. 
Hayz Computers is a household name. The company reached its apex under the direction of the very young computer whizz Viscount Hayz who also holds a title of Nobility. He amalgamted his holding with that of Arc International a few years ago and has also taken up the role of official spokesperson for the international conglomerate. 

Lady Arcwhite will mostly let Lord Hayz do the talking while she makes the decisions and signs the cheques. 

The Duke of Swann is one of the richest people in the world and this is not due to his Royal status but rather to business. As reining Duke, His Royal Highness is obviously into agriculture, mining, tourism and city property development but has seen the gap to boost business in these fields to benefit his country and his profit margins. 

Swann International is the parent company that owns all the Duke's various business interests and has served to only boost the Principality of Swann's gross national profit. One of the many branches of Swann International deals with the media as Europa's most circulated newspaper, The Proclaimer is owned by the company.

Art and art trading is somewhat of a hobby of the Duke who is also an accomplished artist himself. He not only funds the arts where possible but makes an effort to exhibit his own work and then funnels the money into national art development programs. Jewellery design and manufacture is another such field of interest that also receives effort from Swann International especially in 3rd world countries like South Africa.

Often considered a frivolity, the Duke of Swann is also a co-owner of the nightclub Dark Star in the Swann Capital.

Sorgenfrei Castle was recently acquired by the Crown Prince Imperial. It is situated high on a mountain top in the city of Muren, the Crown Prince Imperial's wife's hometown. This Castle does not just serve as a royal residence but also as a museum and a wedding/conference venue and guest house. In that capacity the castle is a very lucrative business. Sorgenfrei's large property also includes the Crown Princess Imperial's family farm.

Odelia Sorgenfrei, now the Crown Princess Imperial of the United Empire of Scot-Britania grew up on a diary farm that she still owns and forms part of the Sorgenfrei Castle Estate. The dairy farm has been operating successfully and profitably for more than five generations and the Princess insists on managing her inheritance properly.

Princess Augusta is a world famous historic jewellery trader. She specializes in dealing with historic antiques, restorations and auctions.

Princess Augusta has played a major role in restoring old Royal jewellery that has been worn over centuries. This job has done much for historic preservation. She has also served as curator/consultant to many International History Museums.

Princess Augusta's special expertise and close Royal Familial ties had her presiding over several majorly historic jewellery auctions like the famous D'Pont Du Lac Sapphire sale pictured above.

Madame Frumsetta may be considered at the forefront of contemporary fashion and couture design. her world wide renowned style has become a veritable household name and a red carpet can almost not be counted unless one of her designs are featured. As an entitled Royal she eschews the traditional privileges it comes with but prefers to pursue her artistic drive through hard work. This has proven to be a very successful formula.

Madame Frumsetta however uses her close links to Royalty to serve her Royal clients with the sensitivity of somebody on the "inside". She does not however lose her head in the castles in the sky but prefers backstage to the red carpet in her private capacity.

Gloria Van DerBilt, was once a wealthy media, movies production, magazine, education and transport heiress. She never lost that privilege but has gained the title of Queen of Normandia. She has amalgamated her family business obligations with that of head of state to the benefit of both. Her international business empire  has boosted the economy and skills development of her adopted kingdom and it in turn has welcomed her with equally accepting fervor and hard work. It seems that when Royalty and business combine it can lead to new heights of prosperity and harmony. 

One of the greatest of these synergistic successes is that of the Youssopoff Princely Family and their relationship within the former Empire of Ruskiana. Although the country ousted its monarchy and discontinued the use of titles, the Youssopoffs were invited back after generations to manage their former holdings, with momentous results.

Prince Felix Youssopoff is the managing director of the company that is responsible for all the mining, timber and sheep farming associated with the Youssopoff family. He also manages vast tracks of land that includes entire towns and tourism. As such he strictly speaking does not own anything of what originally was his family's property but has turned such a profit that he has become one of the wealthiest business men in the world. Due to this he has been able to buy significant shares in the company and through that now owns some property linked with his heritage. 

The small Grand Duchy of Reichenthal has always been associated with carpenters, artisans and wine farming. The reigning Grand Duke has his finger in every pie and is considered a very hands-on Royal. He serves on all major boards that regulate and manage the practical affairs of his region's world renowned produce. His people see him as setting the pace and benchmark for Reichenthalian quality especially in the field of wine making, that he himself also greatly enjoys doing.

Yes, Royalty can and indeed do also actually work. As if their duties as a national symbols are not enough they can also turn a successful buck.

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