Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Friday, 7 December 2012

Wonderful Weekends (Swann State Visit to Arcwhite)

Ahead of the much awaited Christmas Ball in Arcwhite, His Royal Highness the Duke of Swann arrived today on a two week State Visit. The purpose of the diplomatic gesture is to focus public attention on the recently amended Treaty of Avalon and to investigate possible trade opportunities  The treaty used to block trade and strained political amicability between the two nations. Now friendship and collaboration is flung open since the recent amendments of the 600 year old original treaty. The Duke of Swann will remain in Arcwhite until he is joined by his family just before and for the Christmas extravaganza. He will be touring several industrial areas and the now famous offices of the Mine Magazine and Arc Industries. Also on the agenda is a tour of the Valhalla Volcano Power Plant that generates electricity directly from the volcano. 

His Royal Highness waves as he leaves the airport on his way to meet the Mayor of the capital city and to receive his official welcome in Arcwhite from Lady Drealle Mormaer, the niece of Lady Arcwhite. 

After the press conference in the Mayor's offices, His Royal Highness was welcomed officially at the Palace of  Arcwhite Tower and immediately shown to his apartments in order to prepare for the Banquet and Audience with lady Arcwhite.   

According to the original Treaty of Avalon neither of the respective Heads of State from Arcwhite or Swann were allowed admittance within the other's borders but now the Duke of Swann, in celebration of the new treaty, will be feasting with the Lady Arcwhite in her official Palace. 

Arcwhite Tower hosting tonight's State Banquet in honour of the Duke of Swann, looks simply magical this time of year and we are assured of a white Christmas for the Ball. 

History is made with this unprecedented photograph. The Heads of State for Arcwhite and Swann gather to enjoy a symbolic meal of friendship. 

We truly look forward to whatever the future holds and pray that it is good. As for the recent future we wait with abated breath for this years Christmas Ball. 


  1. Thank you!
    this little piece of news (including the fairy tale type castle) just brought a spark to my day!

  2. Hello from Spain: I like to see the photos of the trip of the Duke of State Swann. The press conference is always very important. Keep in touch