Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

What's Up Christmas Day (Christmas Ball 2012)

We wish all our fans and followers an awesome holiday season and for those more traditional, a merry Christmas. We have enjoyed the more restful pace but obviously the celebration in Arcwhite, where the annual Christmas Ball was held, has kept us all in suspense and can now be posted as our own homage to the holiday season. 

This year's event was by far the largest Royal gathering held since before the 96 revolution. It was also, history in the making as the Duke of Swann's State Visit to the Islands of Arcwhite climaxed at the Ball in celebrating the presence of a Duke of Swann on Arcwhite soil for the first time in over 600 years. The dress code was formal with tiaras and made for a spectacle of unparallelled splendour. The hostess, Lady Arcwhite was bound by tradition to wear official regalia but as such revealed some of the ancient Arcwhite Crown Jewels, never before seen in an international publicised forum. We hope you enjoy the photos just as much as we did in attending and in reporting on this extravaganza of Royal events. 

The 2012 Christmas Ball was held at the Glaciale Lake Hall. Considered to be the Lady Arcwhite's city residence it stands virtually hidden at the centre of a vast forested estate just a few kilometres outside the capital. In winter the drive to the hall, through the forest, can be quite magical.  

Guests arriving had to initially deal with slight snow. 

The first arrivals. Protocol dictates that the lower ranks arrive first and that the highest rank, host and special guests arrive last. Here we see in front from left, the Dowager Baroness D'Rothchild, the Baroness D'Rothchild and the Baron D'Rothchild. Wearing red on top of the stairs is the Marchioness of Londonderry. 

This is the first Royal event to include invited guests without titles. In yellow we see Marelize von Engelbrecht an art dealer and personal friend of the guest of honour, the Duke of Swann. In white is a Lady of the Order of the Veil welcoming the guests to her mistress' Palace. In black is the Duchess of Lancaster. 

The 2012 Ball also revealed many new couples in relationship or even engaged. We might see a string of weddings in 2013. Arriving at the ball as a couple we see the Duke of Marlboro and  Madame Francine D'Bacquemme. In the back we see the Margravine of Montrose. 

The Queen of Ophiri cannot leave her geographic territory by law. She always sends a representative to events that she considers important. Here, in an unbelievable dress made entirely from opalescent beads, we see the Queen's aunt, Princess Salome. 

Two other guests of note can be seen in this photo. In purple is the nightclub owner Sable Blackwood, another friend of the Duke of Swann. In the front right, the cabaret superstar, Baroness Klariowna.

The Duchess Di Giorgio struck a radiant figure in white with old family jewels complimented by new earrings and bracelet. 

A newcomer to the international Royal scene but the de facto head of the discontinued Imperial House of Pahlavi of Perlistan is the fabulous Shabahnou Farah. The Shahbahnou wowed the other guests with her undeniable glamour. 

The Grand Duke of Serbieski and his wife's brother the Earl Cartwright all arrived together. In red is the Dowager Countess Cartwright. In pink is the Earl's date, Marie D'Baquemme. Rumours have it that a proposal for marriage might be on the cards. At the back we see the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Serbieski. 

One of the most talked about tabloid couples arrived hand in hand. The Countess Dysart and the Duke of Argyle are considered to be two of the most influential Nobles from the former Kingdom of Scotney. If the relationship persists we will be in for a spectacular engagement and wedding in 2013.  
The guests gather together to view the arrivals of the increasingly higher ranked Royals. At the far right we see the Countess Dysart's sister, Lady Ferrox. 

The claimant to the Franconian throne, Prince Louis D'Pont du Lac, arrived alone as his family arrived as dates of other guests. 

The Prince and Princess Youssopoff arrived as part of the Ruskian contingent. The immensely wealthy Prince seems to have bought a brand new tiara for his wife to wear for the first time in public. It complimented her very striking couture outfit

The claimant to the Imperial Ruskian throne, Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna arrived just behind the Youssopoffs wearing her gargantuan Pink Diamond Tiara from the Imperial Collection. 

The view as seen from the entrance hall into the Ball Room of Glaciale Hall. Greeting the guests is a Lady of the Veil and standing at the throne is Drealle Mormaer, the niece of Lady Arcwhite, presiding over the Hall. 

Next to arrive was the first actual Head of  State, The Princess of Wallachia wearing a Madame Frumsetta original.

The Wallachian contingent included from the left, the Princess' husband, the Baron Bagrazia and her mother, Princess Suzanna. 

Next to arrive was the Hanoverian Grand Ducal family. From left is the Grand Duchess, the Dowager Grand Duchess and the reigning Grand Duke of Hanoveria. 

As part of the Royal contingent from the Kingdom of Syldavia we see the Arch Duke of Fulco D'Este at right as the date of Princess Miranda of Syldavia in green. At the back is the King and Queen of Syldavia.

A trumpet fanfare was sounded for the arrival of each reigning Head of State. It was no different for the Queen of Normandia dressed in flashy gold and her husband the Prince of  Northwold.

The Normandian contingent included from left; the Count Szanguscko, Princess Antoinette D'Pont du Lac, Mercedes Szanguscko, Prince Valmont D'Pont du Lac and his fiance the Duchess of Roswind standing behind the Prince of Northwold and the Queen.

The last and highest ranking of the visiting reigning Heads of State were the Hispanian Royal contingent headed by Queen Maria and her daughter and heir, the Princess of Cataljone. 

From left; Donna Hernanda of Aragon and the Vicount Hayz as her date, The Duchess of Aragon and the Duke of Toledo and Princess Isabella.

Finally, to honour their de facto status as the highest ranking Royals on earth, albeit from a discontinued monarchy, we have the Crown Prince Imperial of Scot-Britania, flanked by his mother Empress Crystobel in white and his wife Princess Odeliah in pink. They are followed by Princess Augusta of the United Empire of Scot-Britania. 

Empress Crystobel always dresses appropriately to her rank as Empress. She also enjoys to wear rubies more than any other gemstone. 

Wearing fabulous emeralds along with the very valuable D'Pont Du lac Tiara and the Order of the Diamond Star, Princess Odeliah looks the part of an Empress-to-be. 

The guests stand gathered in anticipation to receive the arrival of the guest of honour, the Duke of Swann.

The Duke of Swann arrives in state with his sister Princess Marie-Elizabeth and his cousin Prince Dillon.

Wearing the uniform of an officer of the fleet, the Duke of Swann cuts quite the dashing and formal Head of State. His sister wears a never before seen brown Topaz Tiara and Brooch.

Trumpets blare as the Lady Arcwhite alights from her car. She wears the medieval "Crown of Horns", the traditional crown of the the Ladies Arcwhite when receiving an assembly of Heads of State. Her dress is also a Madame Frumsetta original and off-set with what we hope is faux fur. 

Lady Arcwhite is assisted with her train as she enter Glaciale Lake Hall. 

Reaching the centre of the Ball Room to thunderous applause, Lady Arcwhite is greeted by the Duke of Swann.

The two former "enemies" stand side-by-side in the spirit of the new Treaty of Avalon, as friends. 

The full assembly of guests gather for a photo before the actual ball ensues. 

The Duke of Swann then led the Lady Arcwhite to open the dance floor. 

History is made to a Vienese Waltz. 

The Proclaimer pounced on the story for their Christmas Day special late edition.

2012 has been a great year and it has gone so very fast. Blogging has been my absolute pleasure and I hope that you all enjoyed it as much as I did. I wish you all a great festive season and an even better new year! Let us see what our Royals come up with in 2013.


  1. Merry Christmas! So much to comment on. Lots of new faces and everyone looks gorgeous. Princess Salome, Duchess Di Giorgio and Farah particularly caught my eye. Prince and Princess Youssopoff are a stunning couple. I love the Prince in his suit. I have that figure. Nice to see how good he looks dressed up.

    1. Hi Vanessa. Thanks for your compliment. I am so glad you liked this post, it really took me days to set up. Princess Salome's dress is woven from beads and also took several days in itself to be made. It cost me a fortune to pay the bead lady to make it. Yes, there are several new characters in the story and I hope to put more effort into the actual story of the blog in the new year. Look out for your favourite Royals and their jewels as the exciting developments unfold in 2013.

  2. Hello from Spain: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. The Queen wears a dress Ophiri gorgeous. The Queen of Normandy wearing flashy gold and her husband the Prince of Northwold are awesome. I like the red carpet parade protocol guests. Great job and nice photos, keep in touch

    1. Tnx Martha. Hope you had a great Christmas as well. Will definitely keep in touch.

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