Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Tiaras and Trinkets on Tuesday (Top Jewellery Moments of 2012)

We started our blog in March 2012 and posted on many events from this year and others from history. As we come to the end of  this year we thought it an interesting enough topic to note the most spectacular jewellery moments for 2012. Tiaras are the Duke of Swann's favourite jewellery pieces. Lets see which moments caught his eye, in no particular order. 

Early in 2012, Princess Marie-Elizabeth of Swann broke precedence and with special permission, wore her mother's dowry collection of jewellery in honour of her mother, to the Swann Ballet. The jewels hadn't at that stage been seen in public for over 15 years. 

Whenever Lady Arcwhite appears in the Perlistani Pahlavi Necklace, it is sure to be a moment of notoriety on anybody's jewel radar. This year she wore it once only so far, to the Heads of the Royal Houses Meeting. 

The Syldavian Investiture was of extreme historic importance and saw the official use of crowns from the Crown Jewel Collection, an historic Medieval Tiara and some new jewellery made for the event. This in itself made it one of the greatest jewellery moments of the year and indeed, of all time.

In the momentum of the Syldavian Investiture another old tiara from before the 96 Revolution resurfaced. It seems that this year was the year of old jewellery, long thought lost, to make reappearances in public. Here Queen Maxima of Syldavia sports a tiara that once belonged to a predecessor Queen Consort. The Queen Ingrid Tiara was bought privately by King Nikolas, for his wife but also as a compliment to and treasure for the nation of Syldavia in perpetuity. 

This year saw a new player on the international Royal stage. The Duchess Di Giorgio was revealed to be the official heir to the Romagnian House that are the claimants to the throne of Romagna. in this capacity she inherited some jewels that haven't seen the light of day for almost 100 years. Her official press release photos saw her wearing the ancient jewels for the first time and caused a media sensation. 

If one person has to be awarded a prize for jewellery wearer of 2012, it would have to be Queen Maria of Hispania. She wore the Hispanian Rose sapphire Parure, also thought once lost. 

She wore the very impressive and rarely seen Grey Pearl Parure.

Queen Maria also took out the Crown Rubies, which has never been worn by her and last seen, worn by her mother, only once several years ago. 

One of the most interesting moments in jewellery happened when the Grand Duchess Xenia of Ruskiana appeared in public having united a necklace and a tiara that were originally from a single set. The tiara and necklace and indeed the earrings from the Alexander III Sapphire Parure were separated many decades ago through inheritance and misadventure. However the necklace found its way back to the tiara and was worn in public at the Knights of the Realm Meeting.

Our final moment for 2012 was to see an entirely new set of jewellery to the Royal scene. Queen Maxima was gifted many new pieces by her husband in his private capacity. This emerald parure consists of antique pieces assembled into a set for her to use at her leisure and breathed more life into the Syldavian Royal collection. 

We cannot wait to see what jewels are going to appear at the Christmas Ball!!!

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  1. Hello from Spain: I love to see a summary of the most important jewels of this year just. My favorite is the lady wearing the Arcwhite. The necklace is awesome Perlistani Pahlavi. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos of the Christmas dance!. Keep in touch