Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Wonderful Weekends (Arcwhite Christmas Invitation)

It has been a terribly tight packed November with tons of work and arrangements to organize before the Holiday Season hits us with full force. It is however with pleasure that we announce that the Island of Arcwhite has officially sent out their invitations to the now much awaited and highly publicized Christmas event to be hosted by Lady Arcwhite later in December. 

The venue chosen for the Christmas Ball is Glaciale Lake Hall which is the official winter residence of the Lady Arcwhite. It is chosen for its grandeur, security and location. In winter the Islands of Archite can become very inhospitable but Glaciale Lake Hall is located in the most temperate part of the country. 

Glaciale Lake Hall will also play host to a groundbreaking event at this years Christmas Ball as history is made with the first visit of a reigning Duke of Swann to the Island Nation in over 600 years. 

Lady Arcwhite arriving at last year's Christmas Function. She is said to be very happy about how things have turned out this year and looks forward to hosting the party and especially in receiving the Duke of of Swann and his family. 

We look forward to the glamour of this event which normally puts a very glitzy seal on the end of every year.  This time round it will be more than just a party but will hopefully usher in a new year of prosperity and unity in Europa all in the vein of what we refer to as the "Spirit of Christmas". 


  1. I like that it has a half italian name :)

  2. Hello from Spain: last year Mrs. Arcwhite was very elegant. I like her crown .. I can`t wait to see the styles of the guests to the dance this year. Keep in touch