Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Frivolous Fridays (Lady Arcwhite's Fashions 2012)

In anticipation for the 2012 Christmas Party to be held in the Island Nation of Arcwhite, we decided to post on the fashion choices of the host, Lady Arcwhite. Considered an "Icon of Style", Lady Arcwhite never fails to impress and often uses fashion to entirely steal the show. She has even been known to divert media attention at major events where she is just a guest, to boost her image beyond that of the cause of said events. Regardless of these allegations, Lady Arcwhite's beauty and glamour is never a waste to view or discuss as she also owns a spectacularly vast and historic jewellery collection which she loves to share with her viewing public. Here follows her major public appearances for 2012. 

From left; the Governor of Serbieki's appointment celebration, the Heads of the Royal Houses Meeting, the State Visit to Normandia, the State Visit to Syldavia and the press conference for the Peace of Avalon. 

Our favourite look for 2012 must be the Heads of the Royal Houses Meeting where Lady Arcwhite dazzled the camera's with a glitzy pink Barbie International original fitted gown accented by fur and the weighty Pahlavi necklace.

The Pahlavi necklace is rumoured to be one of the most expensive necklaces ever made and is sure to get most of the attention whenever it is worn. The tiara in this picture seems to be Lady Arcwhite's favourite as it was worn more than any other in 2012. There are some traditions in Arcwhite that forbids some of the Royal jewels leaving the country so we might see some never before worn pieces at the Christmas Ball.

Other fashions during this year, from left; the Serbieski Audience and the 2012 Birthday Ball.

It is no surprise that the Lady seems to love fur, albeit controversially genuine. She also loves the colour white and otherwise conversely stark classic lines. The preferred choice of jewellery is more often plain diamonds, than anything else. Her aim it seems, is always to control the limelight, not just steal it. We wait in anticipation to see what she comes up with at the Christmas Ball in a few weeks.


  1. Hello from Spain: I have your same Lady Arcwhite. She is one of the most attractive Barbies collection. The styles that you created for this Barbie are awesome. You have some amazing dresses and some gorgeous jewelry. Keep in touch

    1. Lady Arcwhite has to be one of the most stylish characters in my story. Tnx for the compliment.