Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

What's Up Wednesday (Debut of the Princess of Cataljone)

Last weekend saw the long awaited debut onto the world stage of the heir to the Hispanian throne. As we know the Queen of Hispania lived a veritable life of a recluse along with her daughter due to fears for their safety after the revolution. This has relaxed in the past five years but the security of the heir to the throne still took a high priority. She has been studying in the Switzer Confederation town of Muren at the Seeress's School for Girls and is due to graduate at the end of 2012. Her presence at the school was kept secret to the extreme that she even enroled under a pseudonym. Only the Seeress of Muren knew who she was and kept a close eye on the young princess.

For her 18th birthday her mother, the Queen of Hispania threw her a party to which her closest friends and the media were invited. This is the first official publicised event of the young Princess of Cataljone. Do not confuse her title with her grandmother who is referred to as the Dowager Princess of Cataljone.

Queen Maria asked her sister, Princess Isabella to act as host for the evening. She is seen at left as she greets her niece's guests for the evening dinner. The guests represented the cream of the young Royal set.

After a bit of catching up the guests are led to the table to await the arrival of the Queen and the Princess of  Cataljone. Royal protocol demands that the highest ranking or the guest of honour,  arrive last. In this case the mother and daughter count as both.

The guests of honour make their fanfared entrance.

Her Majesty Queen Maria I and Her Royal Highness the Princess of Cataljone.

The guests ready to sit down to dinner.

From left; Archduke Otto von Fulco De'Este, Donna Hernada y Aragon, the Princess of Cataljone, Prince Dillon of Swann, Mercedes Szanguscko and the Count von Bismarck. After dinner the Princess and her friends pose for a quick portrait and then they ditched their tiaras and went out dancing at a nightclub. We wish the Hispanian heir to the throne all the best and we hope to see much more of her in future.


  1. Hello from Spain: Queen of Hispania wearing a very nice clothes. I love the dinner table. Keep in touch

  2. I spy with my eye: Justin Bieber!

    1. No, that is His Royal Highness Prince Valdemar of Syldavia.