Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Monday, 23 July 2012

Memory Monday (The Crown Prince Imperial's Birthday Celebrations)

In 2009 the most defining Royal event since the 1996 Revolution took place on September 24th. This was the highly publicised ball in celebration of the Crown Prince Imperial's "coming of age". This ball ushered in a new era of Royal events and resurrected the glittering spectacle of times gone by. Despite all the media and political repercussions it is easy to forget that it was actually just a party to celebrate a birthday.

Here the "birthday boy" is seen dancing with Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Ruskiana in 2009.

The celebration of Royal birthdays, along with many other events of a Royal scale were on moth balls until the Imperial Family of the former United Empire of Scot-Britania decided to host this 2009 event at their own risk and expense. There has since been two more major birthday celebrations each year in celebration of the Imperial Birthday and we expect another this year.

The 2010 birthday gathering for Prince Christian Victor, the Crown Prince Imperial of Scot-Britania. From left in the back row; Princess Kirsten, Princess Maxima, Empress Crystobel, Prince Dillon, the Duke of Swann, the Grand Duchess and Grand Duke of Hanoveria and Princess Augusta. Seated are the the Crown Princess Imperial and the Crown Prince Imperial.

In 2010 the events was a much smaller affair with only the direct family of the Crown Prince Imperial in attendance. One of the reasons for it being a small event was that it took place only a few days after the newly wed Imperial couple had returned from honeymoon. It was however still photographed and publicised in major magazines world wide. This event was special in contrast to the 2009 Ball due to the fact that Empress Crystobel had come out of hiding and saw her son on his birthday for the first time in over a decade.

In 2011 the Duke of Swann and the Crown Prince Imperial, who are cousins, held a combined birthday cocktail party. There actual birthdays are only a day apart. It was the largest gathering of Royals for a birthday to date. The event was held by day and the dress code was semi formal and cocktail dresses. It was hosted by the Grand Duke of Hanoveria and the event was not considered to be the most official celebration due to the fact that the Duke of Swann is a reigning head of state.

The dress code allowed the public to see their favourite Royals in something other than ball gowns and tiaras.  The chic Lady Arcwhite made a grand entrance as usual in a sleek black Barbie Creation.

We are waiting in anticipation to see what this years will hold.

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