Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Thursday, 19 July 2012

"To be or not to be" Thursday (The Duke of Swann)

Today's post is the 100th post published on this blog. To celebrate that fact and the 15th year rule of the current Duke of Swann, the media office of the Principality of Swann agreed that the person to profile in our  "To be or not to be" Thursday post, must be our very own Sovereign Duke of Swann, Prince Daniel.

The State Portrait taken to comemorate the 15th anniversary of 2012.

The last official photo of the former Duke and Duchess of Swann.

His Royal Highness the Prince Daniel, III Duke of Swann, Imperial Prince in the United Empire, Royal Prince in Scotney and Defender of the Faith has had a very challenging but also equally exciting life. He was born as the firstborn son and heir to the Swanobian Principality in 1983. He counts the Crown Prince Imperial, The Grand Duke of Hanoveria, Queen Maxima of Syldavia and the Princess of Wallachia as his first cousins and the last, Empress Crystobel of the United Empire as his aunt. Brought up in the strict and relatively spartan tradition of the conversely wealthy Royal family, the young heir showed no negativity in his early youth except for a very clear disagreement in nature with his robust and unaffectionate father. Prince Daniel was slight of build, sensitive and artistic and his father in contrast could not care less about these qualities against the bigger picture of ruling a country. It was soon apparent that chances of a natural bond between father and son would never materialise and as a matter of fact was just ignored by both sides. This did however lead to serious verbal altercations even at the the early age of six for the young Daniel who due to these debates developed a severe intellect far ahead of his peers. He also enjoyed his well developed imagination and due to his grandfather's indulgence could go on extreme flights of fancy in his own imaginary world of toys and costumes. His relationship with his mother was also affected as he drew closer to her than he should've and sometimes confusing his place by defending her against his father at times when strictly speaking it was inappropriate. However, all was not dysfunctional and amidst the challenges the young Prince developed an intellectual and artistic talent along with a sensitivity that would stand him in good stead in the real tragedy that was to befall his family along with the entire Europa.

A photo taken of Prince Daniel at age 10 in the gardens of the Royal Palace. He poses in a State Portrait style with a toy crown and cloak.

In 1996 at the age of 12 the Bloody Revolution ignited in the United Empire in the form of a missile strike on Roswind Castle while inside were gathered the Royal Families of the world. Amongst the dead was Prince Daniel's mother the Duchess of Swann and his father was evacuated having been critically injured. A Regency was declared along with a State of Emergency in Swann and all out war with Scot-Britania was narrowly avoided. After a year in a coma the old Duke of Swann died and Prince Daniel succeeded to the throne just before his 14th birthday. The country was ruled in his name by the Regency Council headed by his uncle. This was obviously one of the most trying times in the teenage Prince's life.

The new Duke of Swann was kept completely out of the public eye for security reasons and to afford him time to recover emotionally from the shock of the revolution. This wasn't an entirely successful move as the Prince often "slipped out" to night clubs where he befriended all sorts of people. He was only presented to the public and the international news media upon his coming of age and official investiture/coronation at the age of 21. A Swanobian Investiture is just one step short of an actual coronation and this took place in 2004 on the same day as the Prince's Birthday. It was the largest Royal Celebration since the Revolution but was kept humble and austere fulfilling the minimal religious and official requirements. No expensive parties or celebrations were held in conjunction with the official event. The first big party involving the Duke of Swann was the Coming of Age Ball of his cousin, the Crown Prince Imperial in 2009 which the Duke helped to arrange and host in Muren.

Since then we have come to know the now famous and celebrated head of the Principality of Swann. He seems free from scandal, although not rumour, as he remains unwed and devoid of intimate relationships with the opposite sex. He officially claims virginal celibacy but in the years preceding his Investiture, night clubbing and other controversies fuelled rumours, even of drug abuse and homosexuality. None of these rumours have ever been substantiated and the results speak for themselves.

Our Duke has come through all of these troubles a better man and is considered one of the most successful monarchs of all time. He keeps himself accountable in his official capacity and keeps his private life, private. He has taken it on his shoulders to be his cousin the Crown Prince Imperial's, right hand man and strongest supporter and does this at his own expense entirely, without letting it affect his obligations to his people or the charities he supports. He also heads up several successful business endeavours in the media field and art and jewellery. His Royal Highness also partakes in Flamenco Dancing, Fencing and Rock Climbing and also enjoys art in the form of sketching. During the current economic crisis, he has managed to keep his own financial interests afloat and has kept the Principality flush even after the EMP attack in May 2012.

Three cousins, from left, the Grand Duke of Hanoveria, the Crown Prince Imperial and the Duke of Swann, at the Annual Knights Meeting in 2011.

Recently the Duke of Swann has taken an interest in the plight of the various endangered Tiger species and has such thrown his weight behind the Second Chance Animal Rehabilitation Centre. He has made an effort to raise awareness on the Internet and plans to host a Charity Ball in order to raise more media awareness. This Ball should hopefully be on the cards before the end of 2012.

With Bagera the Tiger in May 2011 as featured in an earlier blog post.

If the Duke of Swann could have an antagonist it would only be in the political arena. Currently, based on ancient traditions that have caused enmity between the Principality of Swann and the Islands of Arcwhite, tensions tend to increase when the two heads of state of these nations occupy the same room. However both rulers are always of friendly demeanour although traditional strife have kept the two countries at loggerheads concerning trade and international law. The Revolution also caused a cold war between the two countries, each feeling the other had some role to play in the events. To this day an old medieval treaty bars either of the heads of state two set foot on the other's soil. One wonders where all this could lead, as even in the business arena Arc Investments has had the occasional clash with Swann Enterprises.

The famous dance of the Duke of Swann and the Lady Arcwhite at the 2010 Christmas Ball.

From left, Prince Dillon, The Duke of Swann and in red, the Duke's sister, Princess Marie-Elizabeth.

The Duke of Swann surrounded by many of his family, friends and peers in March 2012 in celebration of his 15 years on the throne.

His Royal Highness can be seen as one of the most influential players on the Royal scene and if he ever gets married it will be one of the most glamorous weddings. Even so, he has an heir to the throne in the form of his cousin, Prince Dillon and the Royal Family of Swann is also represented strongly by his sister Princess Marie-Elizabeth. All in all this very modern and powerful monarch is doing a great job and is dearly loved by his people.


  1. The 10 Prince Daniel picture is too sweet!!!

    1. Tnx, hahahaha. That's actually a photo of me in person.

  2. Hello from Spain: The Duke of Swann has a busy life. I think he has to find a wife and give his country a royal heir. keep in touch.

    1. Hi Martha. Yes that is a sensitive topic. Do you have any suggestions who he should marry?

  3. A crown in blue is so masculine, just made for a King.