Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Monday, 16 July 2012

Memory Monday (Ruskian State Portrait)

We normally end off our  week's posting on the weekends with a State Portrait and on Mondays we discuss a piece of old history. I decided to combine the two this week. Memory Mondays are becoming very difficult to post on, due to the lack of historic photographs as so many were destroyed in the 96 revolution. I definitely don't want to just tell stories without photos when I can weave it into a life story on a Thursday or along with a piece of jewellery on a Tuesday. We are trying our best scouring the archives to find worthy material and came up with this very old State Portrait was taken in haste after the Great War of the last Tzar of Ruskiana. Tzar Alexander III is standing with full regalia and robe next to the Imperial Crown of Ruskiana in an attempt to legitimise his claim to the then recently, disbanded empire. The Crown then disappeared in the aftermath of Tzar Alexander's escape from Ruskiana shortly after this photo was taken. The mystery of the missing Crown still baffles historian as it was entrusted to the one organization that would never steal nor sell it, the Church. We can also see the silhouette Imperial Crest in the top right corner of the sepia photo. He was the great grandfather of the current pretender, Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna.

His Imperial Majesty Tzar Alexander III of all the Ruskias, King of Fenski, Grand Prince of Muskovia and Defender of the True Church.

We still have a couple of historic events to discuss on a Monday especially weddings but current events will begin to be posted more in future in our What's Up Wednesday slot. We will pace ourselves on a Memory Monday perhaps dropping it to once a month from now on and making it a bit meatier. Please post a comment to share your thoughts on the Memory Monday posts.

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