Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Thursday, 12 July 2012

"To be or not to be" Thursday (Out of the public eye)

We normally profile an individual character on a Thursday but I thought it would be interesting to also note those Royals and Nobles who for whatever reason choose to stay out of the public eye. These can choose to live more private lives due to plain free will, retiring due to old age or from having no interest due to losing their status and titles after the 1996 revolution. Regardless of the reason many Royals of very high rank might have hardly any publicised profile and remain largely unknown to contemporary society. These will also rarely if at all attend mayor Royal gatherings.

For today's post we will take a look at some of these persona's and where possible also post a recent photo. Due to some of of these people choosing to remain almost anonymous we will not share any information without permission.  

First up we have the recently retired, Dowager Princess of Cataljone. She is the mother of the current Queen of Hispania. Her husband who was the heir to the Hispanian throne, lost his life before succeeding to the throne in the 96 revolution. For this reason she has never borne the title of Queen but rather her daughter became the new Queen while still an infant. After a very long period of living outside the public eye in high security, the Dowager Princess began representing her daughter sporadically in an official capacity between 2006 and 2011, alternating attendance at Royal events with her other daughter Princess Isabella. After 2011 the Dowager Princess retired from public appearances, seemingly for good as her daughter, Queen Maria I has accepted full responsibility to represent her monarchy herself.

Her Royal Highness the Dowager Princess of Cataljone in 2009.

Next we have the current pretender to the throne of the small Principality of Monagask. After the revolution caused the death of many Royal Families, the throne of Monagask in principle passed to the Marquisital House of D'Bacquemme. The current head of this house is Marquis Gerard the 11th Marquis D'Bacquemme. If the had to be a restoration in the small Principality, which is highly unlikely seeing as it is a mere municipality of the large Franconian Republic, the Marquis would become its Prince Regent. Regardless of any potential hype, the young Trout fish farmer chooses to stay completely out of the public gaze and has never attended any Royal event. His siser however has a nominal public profile as publicized in her engagement and eventual break-up with the Vicount Hayz in recent months.

The Queen of Hispania's husband, Don Guiseppe de Rextondo, a coal mine magnate actually has official Hispanian legislation protecting his privacy and his request to be left out of any official Royal duties. His business keeps him busy enough as it is and all reports claims that in private his marriage and family relationships remain healthy.

Another high profile Royal and his ex-wife who stay completely out of the media glare and have no official role by virtue of their request, is Prince Dennis of Swann and Princess Elen. He is the brother of the current Duke of Swann. After his controversial divorce, Prince Dennis completely stepped out of public duties and retired to the Island of Banbury. Nor him or is ex-wife are ever seen at any official functions.

The ousted Imperial Family of Ruskiana is represented by the current pretender to the Imperial throne, Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna. She has a relatively high public profile but her sister Grand Duchess Alexandra is virtually completely unknown. She grew up in South Americania and has chosen to remain there incognito pursuing a career in veterinary science. She has however very rarely attended public Royal events and we might see her in future.

In the centre, wearing black is the Grand Duchess Alexandra of Ruskiana representing her sister at the wedding of Princess Isabella of Hispania in 2009.

The Margravine of Montrose, at right, seems to be entering the limelight after choosing to remain a private person for years.

Others worthy of mention who have either never or extremely rarely had any public exposure would be the Princess Victoria Von Thurn und Taxis, The Margravine of Montrose who was seen for the second time only in three years at the Normandian wedding, The Countess Basquith and the Prince Valmont D'Pont Du Lac who is the brother of the pretender to the Franconian throne. There are a few others but one can hardly keep track of everybody. Perhaps even you are a long lost Royal waiting to mount the world stage.


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