Emperor Christian Victor I

Emperor Christian Victor I

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

"To be or not to be" Thursday (The Crown Princess Imperial)

Odeliah Sorgenfrei was born In the Switzer town of Muren in 1988. She is the daughter of Fritz and Ulirica Sorgenfrei, cattle farmers and milk producers for the town of Muren. Their farm has been in the family for hundreds of years and Odeliah grew up herding and milking cows along with her father and brothers. At the age of 15 tragedy struck as a rock slide took the lives of her father and brothers while out looking for a stray calf. Her devastated mother was immediately supported by the Town's folk who pitched in to help with the farm and raising Odeliah. The Seeress of Muren became a surrogate mother and took the teenager into her finishing school. This was when the young Odeliah first took serious note of Chris, the Seeress' adopted son. She grew up with Chris in the town. They played together since they both could remember but teenage passion and the obvious gap in her life left by the death of her father and brothers sparked a new intimacy.

Teenage romance often fizzles but the Seeress noticed that this was not just a childhood crush. Odeliah was a sincere unassuming girl who loved from the heart. She was committed to keeping her word and pursued making the memory of her lost loved ones proud. So the relationship grew under the watchful eyes of her guardians but a shock lay in store for the young couple. In 2006 a woman arrived in Muren that upon setting her foot on the town's soil had the entire community abuzz. Odeliah's idyllic life was to change forever. The extremely well manicured lady dressed in very expensive clothes had come for a meeting with the Seeress and her young adopted son Chris. After hours behind closed doors Chris walked out first and straight to his room. The look on his face was of dumbfounded shock but strangely not of a negative nature. The well dressed lady walked out, stopped and locked eyes with Odeliah. A faint smile was followed by her getting into her chauffeured car and she drove off into the mountain pass.

The next few weeks saw Odeliah hardly even being greeted by Chris. He wasn't offish but told her that he wasn't ready to speak to her. Their relationship reverted back into a genuine friendship and Odeliah in wisdom and with some encouragement from the Seeress, let Chris be. Three years passed and Odeliah officially resumed ownership of her fathers farm. Chris had been off studying law in the Switzer Capital when in the late summer the black limousine of the well dressed lady pulled into Muren once again. This time she and Chris stepped out and was met by The Seeress at the door of the school. Odeliah was asked to join them and the story finally became clear. A simple girl from the farm was to see how a childhood friendship could affect the entire planet.

What was said that day was in private and nobody has ever spoken to the press. We know however today that the lady in question was Her Imperial Highness the Princess Augusta of the United Empire of Scot-Britania, the sister of the last Emperor of the fallen United Empire and that Chris was in fact, the Emperor's son and heir. If a restoration of the Empire was ever implemented he would become its ruler and the highest ranking man on earth but even if it never happened he was still the Crown Prince Imperial by courtesy and the heir to an incalculable financial fortune. The Seeress raised Prince Christian-Victor (his real name) in secrecy for his safety and a year later the secret of his mother, the Empress, still being alive was also revealed. A lavish Ball was held in Muren to celebrate his 21st Birthday but Odeliah not being Royal and to keep their relationship secret for her own safety, could not attend. Royalty as a concept and the survival of a legal heir to the Empire was ripe to explode back onto a hungry world stage. It did just that. Reigning monarchies like Hispania and Hanoveria joined the Principality of Swann in a resurgence of Royal pomp and ceremony and Odeliah was finally welcomed into the fold when her engagement and marriage to the Prince took place in 2010.

The engagement of Odeliah Sorgenfrei to the Crown Prince Imperial in 2010. She was allowed to wear ruby jewellery from the Imperial Collection. We will have a separate blog post on an upcoming Memory Monday just on the Imperial Wedding also held in 2010.


She was now Her Imperial Highness the Crown Princess Imperial of the United Empire of Scot-Britania. This was an unprecedented union and one of the few good things made possible by the 96 Revolution. If the Empire never fell the Crown Prince Imperial would probably never have met her but aside from that he couldn't marry her due to her being a commoner. Now they are married as no such restriction exists and if the monarchy is restored she would become Empress. As such see is seen by many monarchists as a symbol of new hope not just for Royals but also for commoners. It seems that bad things can often lead to otherwise impossibly good things to take place, for those would would choose to see, accept and take these opportunities. Odeliah certainly exemplifies how life can take twists and turns and end in a place of  "happily ever after" regardless of our perceptions and assumptions.

From left, Empress Crystobel, the Crown Prince Imperial and his wife. They are seen here at the anniversary Celebrations in Swann earlier this year.

Odeliah has slotted in seamlessly into her new family. She has taken every responsibility on with gusto and has retained her humility. Sometimes there has been a struggle with high fashion as the country girl cannot be  hidden behind couture but nobody seems to mind. "The look" however is also often perfectly hit right on the nail but everybody knows that the heart far outweighs the packaging. The family farm has been retained and  her mother's wishes to remain out of the media glare is one of Odeliah's highest priorities. She has gained the trust of her mother in law and has become her husband's unfaltering support. We look forward to seeing her star rise until it is fixed permanently in its place in history.


  1. Odeliah's gown is amazing!!

    1. Thank you Sergio. I try very hard to make my characters look the part.

  2. Hello from Spain: Odeliah is precious. I like having white skin and dark hair. The white crown and black is beautiful. I like stories with happy endings and that she lives right now. Keep in touch.

  3. :-)
    Very special!
    As I was reading... for a couple of minutes I feared Princess Augusta had come secretly to speak to the Seeress and the Crown Prince about an arranged loveless marriage to some other distant royalty...

    So happy to find out that the secret audiences were all about arranging the timing of Odelia and Chris future Union :-)!

    Noble hearts!

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment. It is greatly appreciated.